Which interconnect from tonearm?

After acquiring the Conductor, I've found that I need a set of ICs from the tonearm rcas to the phono stage, preferrably one that is less susceptible to hum.

I was told that you can use normal ICs but I've always believed that you should use the thin guage ICs for these low level signals, just like the tonearm leads. I've been recommended the VdH 501 silver but have no experience with it. Any inputs?
CMK,I know Loyd Walker likes thin guage conductors for the connection from his fabulous table,to his phonostage.You can get some insight from his website,most likely.
However there are a good number of fine products available here,that don't have to cost a "tonearm and a leg"!-:)
I feel VDH makes very good cables for tonearms. I used an Integration on my LP12 with terrific results. Now, I have a TT with rcas to the phono stage and use Vampire Wire AI-II I/C's. These are coninuous cast copper, sounding smooth and neutral.
Dear Cmk: I try several phono cables ( more than 15 differents brands. ) and today the ones that I prefer for its neutrality are: Analysis Plus and Harmonic Technologies, both are very good performers and compete with a fair price against many others that are in the 1K to 5K.

Regards and enjoy the music.
do not buy the VdH 501 silver IMHO. i used it for a time, and finally tracked down a "hardness" and "brightness" to it (within the context of my humble system of course). replaced it with discovery cable and have been happy ever since.
Raul, thanks for the input, so that means I can go for normal ICs. This widens the pool.

Musicdoc, ok noted. Strangely the reports I get from users of the 501 silver are pretty good?!? I have the opportunity to test it before purchase, so we'll see how things progress.
Well, try out a few ICs I did, and I ended up with going with the VdH 501 Silver Hybrid. Sorry Musicdoc, didn't take your advice, but let me explain.

I started out with the JPS FX Superconductor, which is a normal line level IC. It is very well shielded, perhaps one of the best. While the sound was very clean and orderly, you can place everything in its place on the soundstage, it sort of left me a bit dry emotionally.

Tried out the other silver IC I had taking it from the CD side and swapping it over to the tonearm. There was too much hum for my liking. This is an unshielded IC, while v good for line level signals, for phono use, it was just unsuitable.

Switched in the VdH 501 silver and immediately the first thing I noticed was a quiet. It was so silent I wasn't even sure I was connected to the analog source, mistaking it for CD. Sonically the music took on a real jump/swing. This cable emphasizes the music, bring the performers/instruments to the front. Very dynamic, crytaline highs, and deep, full and tuneful bass, forget audiophile terms, its just natural. You know once in a while, you come across a component that when you hear it for the first time, you know immediately that it sounds so "correct".