Which would you Buy?

I had a deal to but a t200 threshold amp but the owner backed out so now my choices are a earthquake cinema grande 300 watts per 8 ohm,reportedly the best sounding muti channel amp ever by one rag who also has tested krell,theta,proceed ect,and they claim in two channel it is a life altering experience.The other amp i am considering is a mark levinson 2 channel 27.5 Keep in mind that for the time being that i would have to use my b&k receiver as a preamp,the preamp section being a reference 202 just like the seperates version exactly.Which would you buy,all things considered like resale,sound quality ect.I have never heard either of these amps the levinson is obviously used and the earthquake would be new.Does anyone no what a levinson 27.5 is worth if i go that way and for some reason i do not like it.All my speakers are very revealing high qualty kits that i built and are worthy sonically for any amp,even the center and surrounds are the same drivers as the fronts.And for reference my b&k internal basic amps do a decent job on two channel whith these speakers. So a 300 by five reference amp that will end up putting 600 watts in each speaker cause there closer to 4ohm or the 100 watt per channel used levinson that will put 200? in to each speaker.
Buy the Levinson. I may be wrong, but the HT (earthquake) amp surely won't have the current capability of the Levinson. Also, if the Lev is priced right you won't lose if you need to move it, while the earthquake as an unproven piece may be harder to move. Don't believe everything a reviewer has to say about any given product.

In my opinion, HT needs the best stuff on the mains and center, mains especially if you use the system for two-channel as well.

Without a doubt, buy the Levinson. I have a Levinson 27.5
and it's the best amp I have owned. I have had a Levinson
23, Threshold 400, Audio Research D-125, Dyna 416, Spectral
DMA-50, and others. The Levinson is the best combination
of excellent imaging and soundstaging, solid bass, air
and high end extension. I bought mine in excellent condition
about 6 months ago for $2000.