which component should i put the better cable on?

I have two different power cords one costing $250.00 the other $1000.00. My question is which one should i use on which component? Should i put the better powercord on the amp because it uses more power because it is a amplifier or should i put the better powercord on my pre-amp, and if so on the pre-amp why!? I would appreciate any input please! Thanks for looking!
Phil (audiophill)
The price in this issue plays not a large role whatsoever.
First you need to know what manufacturer suggests or how the powercord was built(I think for $1k you should!).
For poweramps usually high-gauge shielded powercords are better to filter large fluctuation currents that greatly affect high-gain amplification stages. Shielding adds an extra capacitance and inductance but for high currents flowing they only slightly deviate the overall impedance.

For small signal components you need as newtral as possible so that you have in ideal case the resistive impedance.
Probably depends on the quality of each component, but assuming all things being somewhat equal, I'd opt for installing the pc on the amp.

Only because that is the component in which I've noticed the greater improvements from every electrical tweak I've made.

Phil - Use your ears. Who cares what the justification might be as regards to the pcs cost. Listen for a few days (assuming that they both have plenty of hours on them) with them in one configuration (pre-1k and amp-250), and then switch (pre-250 and amp-1k) for a few days. The configuration that you find most pleasing wins. Enjoy.
Ultimately you have to decide where it sounds better, but my two cents would be to put the best cord on the source. Componants down stream will never add what was missing at the start.
Another issue might be the application for which the cord was designed. I have "front end" cords and "amp" cords that are designed to work best in thier certain application.
Give 'em a listen!
I have found that power cords on the source make the biggest sonic impact on a system. Also the IC from the source to the preamp.

So I would start there and try out other options along the way (moving the cords down the signal chain).

Thanks for the quick responses already! Ultimately i will try them on both but more opinions would be welcome! More detail: The amp is a Outlaw 750 with the upgrade to a male socket because the amp was hard wired. The pre amp is a Outlay 950. The expensive power cord is a Electroglide Reference gold 2000, brocken in. The other cord is a silver cord with Wattgate 350 audio grade one one end and a hubble hospital grade at the other end, if this info helps any! I would really appreciate all and any opinions on where the cords are better off on! Also personally with my system i find the Outlaw amp a little on the bright side so if one of these cables would help reduse it please let me know! Thanks so much!
Hi Phil: this is all about synergy.
If it was me: I'd first try each cord, one at a time, on your preamp only. Leave stock cords on the other equipment (assuming that they've been previously running as such). Play around with some various software material for a few days. This will give you a feel for the performance that each cord provides -- but on the preamp only. Then repeat the same tests on your amp only. If you're lucky, you'll prefer the different cords, one on each component. But you may prefer to have two of the same cords. That is of course un-testable, because you only have one of each. Also be aware that when you put the two of them together then something different may occur as they work in combination for the first time. Again it's all about synergy.
However, be aware that connecting those cords to your amp or digital source won't necessarily produce the same sonic signature as on the preamp. Cords & cabling are so very system & component dependent. Synergy - I can't repeat that enough.
Be aware that silver cords generally tend to sound brighter / more detailed/ thinner than copper cords sound. You won't necessarily experience the same phenomenon, but you may. In some rigs & on some components that sonic signature is desirable, on others it is not. Your ears will tell you. Also be aware that, as mentioned, some smaller gauge cords are made only for source components (much less current consumption) so you need to determine what your cords are built for, typically determied by wire size.

Let's not forget about your interconnects & speaker cables. Same issues: synergy with the particular component, & synergy as they combine to work together. This is not an easy thing to work out. And once that you do work it all out, then if you go & change any one thing (say you upgrade the speakers, or speaker cable, or interconnect) that one action can change the balance which you have achieved. At that point you may be almost, but not quite, back to square one. Have fun - you'll get there eventually. When you do, that's when you decide to sell off part of your used cord & cable collection, perhaps retaining some of the favorites because as I said, you'll probably be doing this again someday.
Thanks again especially to Bob Bundus for the in depth explanation of synergy! I did some experimenting and i found that the better power cord sounds best on the pre amp, however i wish i had another Electroglide reference 2000 gold or better for the amp because i have to say i noticed a huge difference with the electroglide poercord!!! I believe i believe!!! It is amazing what a really good quality power cord can do for your system!!!! Thanks to all!!!
Don't stop there. A good power cord will do wonders for your digital sourceas well (DAC or CD player, etc). It can also do wonders for the bass response of your amp.
And quality is NOT often correllated with price!