Which CD Transport for Aesthetix Pandora Signature DAC

I am using my Oppo bdp105 as a transport for my Aesthetix Pandora Signature DAC. I am using a Kubala Expression Digital cable ( RCA to RCA) between them. Do I get a dedicated cd transport and better cable or do I go to something that will rip and play cd's towards creating a library for my nearly 2,000 cd's? Do they make something that does both really well? Sound quality is more important than convenience. I know the pandora can support a music streamer but I am unfamiliar with that part of the hobby although I will move that way.
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billandsol,  the decision is absolutely yours. If you like flipping discs from your extensive collection, by all means buy a quality CD players from the likes of Marantz or Esoteric.  

I was in similar situation few years back. Personally I never fancied the idea of ripping my CD's using a laptop or computer. Most audiophiles here may suggest you to purchase JRiver or comparable software and start digitizing your collection. I won't get into how you can digitized your collection.  You can search forums here or visit computer audiophile.com for more info. 

Now that the industry have openly embraced the digital music, you will find plenty of offerings on CD ripping software, Streamers and DAC's at all price levels.  

I would recommend looking into Antipodes DS or DX series players. Great reviews all around and you can expect the quality and worthy stablemate for your excellent Pandora DAC. Antipodes now offer built in support for ROON app, which I hear the next best thing to play your catalogued or streamed music. 

Since I have already digitized my CD's on a NAS, I opted to go with Aurender N10 to mate with my Modwright DAC.  IMHO, Aurender makes fabulous sounding streamers. I highly recommend Tidal to stream music, once you decided to go digital route.  

I am so glad that my CD flipping days are long gone :-)

Hope this helps!
I would recommend going digital, no reason anymore to use physical CDs or spend $s on CD players/transports in my opinion.  Tidal is CD quality, and if you want to rip your CDs there are plenty easy ways of doing it.
If you want a transport the best one is the PS Audio. I tried many and this is the best sounding with the Aesthetix.
I'll second the PS Audio recommendation.  But you'll get more performance out of one if you use their DAC or, as I do, a Wyred 4 Sound SE2 DAC, both of which can utilize PS Audio's proprietary I2S interface, which keep the three clock signals discreet in the interconnect.
what digital cable did you use?

The PS Audio PWT is an exceptional match with my Yamamoto YDA-1  DAC. I believe it is a excellent choice for any DAC.I've had this combo nearly 7 years and have no plans to replace it, pure musical delight.  My digital cable is High Fidelity CT-1 Ultimate.
What digital cable do you all recommend? My options are aes/ebu and rca connections if I were to assume the PS Audio PWT as a transport. Charles uses a HF CT-1 Ultimate which I assume is rca to rca?


I have emailed the High Fidelity site a few times to get some additional info and have never gotten a response. Not sure what is going on there.

Yes the HFC CT1 Ultimate is RCA. I have had no communication issues with the company. For far less money I would look into the Cerious Technology Audio Graphene IC as a digital cable. Listeners I trust say this is an excellent sounding cable.
+1= Cerious Technology Audio Graphene IC as a digital cable.