Which cartridge for my System?

I have Goldmund Studietto/T5 arm TT, Sonic Frontiers sfp1 phono stage, SF line 2 Pre and SF amplifier. Speakers are SoundLab Dynastat. Only jazz. My budget is around $ 2000.
I prefer a lush warm sound, with good dynamic.
Koetsu Black, Lyra, Shelter, Transfiguration?
Help me with suggest!
Thank you!
I like the Grado The Statement with Sonic Frontiers Line 3 SE+ and Power 3s. I think is a good match. I am using a LP12 and ARC PH3 because I can not find a Sonic Frontiers PHONO-1.
I am a jazz musician and recording engineer. I just got the Grado Statement 1 and am blown away how great it sounds.

This cartridge is my last. I don't need to look anymore.