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Luxman c-600f
I am very happy with mine. 
What is your cartridge and tracking force used
Grado Statement 1 @ 1.9g. Sounds best to my ears on my setup. 
Nakamichi 682ZX vs ZX-9
I have a fleet of Nakamichi decks all restored by ESL. A head to head between my ZX-9 and 682zx = I prefer the ZX-9. 
Tweaks such as demagnetizers ionizers for lp's
Considering this handheld demagnetizer is both a magnetizer and a demagnetizer, I am wondering if you need to press the button to demag or just have it plugged in? 
Sutherland PHD
I'll have to try the upgrade and hear the difference. 
Sutherland PHD
I currently use the PhD. I am using Grado Statement1 with it and it sounds really good to my ears. The batteries last like forever. I changed it once in the last 3 or 4 years.I did change the loading on the Grado Statement1 as 47k didn't sound rig... 
Solid State Phono Pre-amp Recommendations
I like the Sutherland PhD. You can find it used for about 1600. 
phono preamp for Grado Master low output to C11
I use a Sutherland PhD and it really shines. With the Grado Statement1 at 500ohms input. 
headphones-amp combination
My best was Yamamoto HA-02 amp along with Sennheiser HD800. But just got my Stax SRM-007tII and SR-007MK2 setup. Blows the dynamic setup away... The Stax is so musical and delicate. The music sounds "alive" in my head. And it is addictive and I ca... 
Best audio purchase of 2011
For my music studio - Manley Vari Mu Mastering LimiterFor my hifi - Stax SRM-007tII and Stax SR-007MK2 
Is Stax headphone still in business
I rec'd a Stax SR-007MK2 and SRM-007tII for X-mas. It will be here next week. Looking forward to my first Stax experience. 
If you would have to choose between Focal and B&W.
Since you have both, listen and choose the one you prefer. 
Power Cords--Your Preference?
I like Oyaide PCs. At least among the ones I've tried. 
Luxman-McIntosh CD Players
I have the Luxman D-06. It is a great sounding unit in my system. Really a sweet sounding unit. 
component where PC does not make a difference
That is interesting. My VS60 is very sensitive to the power cable. Currently using Shunyata. Sounds way better than the stock cable. I am considering upgrading to Oyaide as I really like them.