Which cart

I am in the market for a new cart. I am using a Micro Benz Ace right now. I would like something with a little more extension at the top end without loosing the bottom. I am looking to spend around 2K give or take, new or slightly used. Thanks in advance for your imput----------

Have not heard the Benz but am a fan of the Sumiko Celebration which is in your price range, there are some reviews that may help tell you how it does in comparisions, others on here may be able to add more info as well.
Hey Bill,

Wrote on your system but will comment here, as I'm listening now, that the combo of my clearaudio and lyra helikon is really great. I errantly wrote I'd like to try shelter 901, but meant 5000 (brain fart). I had shelter 501 on and it was also very lovely--a little lusher, but sound-staging not as good. The sumiko celebration is also a good cartridge. For me, the lyra provides very much what you're looking for. I find that it's very even across all frequencies, and detail is sublime.
Bill, you may want to try out an Ortofon Jubilee, a great value in that price range, IMHO. I'd also recommend buying new as opposed to slightly used.

Lyra Dorian