Which Boney James

My wife just heard Boney James and loved it? Which CD should I get?

Lots of good tunes..I really liked the "Sweet Thing" cd from '97 on WB Records. "Seduction" is also good..I didnt care so much for "Body Language"..but..thats just my opinion.
"Ride" is my favorite. "Pure" was the last boney I bought and was very disapointed,I traded it in. Suduction is good also.
Shake It Up, a joint effort by Boney James and Rick Braun, is the No. 1 seller as I understand it for either of them. If you're into smooth jazz, one listen will demonstrate why. The title cut is, as my wife comments, "the sexiest" song she's ever heard.
all of them.
I like "Shine"
I just want to hear the song Meat Beat Manifesto sampled for Radio Babylon. I've never heard the source for this classic track. What Boney James song is that?
What Kehut said, in that order.
Sweet Thing and Shake it Up...Body Language is good, ahhhhh just get them all, don't think you can go wrong with this guy...The James/Braun project is killer, I would start there JMHO....
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