Which artist do you absolutely love, but own nothing by the them?

I've been a huge fan of Tears for Fears for about 20 years, yet own nothing by them.  And I have no idea why I put them on the back burner when it comes to buying CD's or records.  I've seen them maybe 3 times, if not 4.   How about you ? 

Amon Duul.
Just can't get any descent record...
But tell us shtinkydog, how do you live life without queueing up "The Seeds of Love" every so often. Such a fine album. Badman's Song is like a bravery pill for me. Oleta Adams' voice caressing my ears. "Faith can move mountains. Fire can cleanse your soul."

Oh look! Used available via Amazon:


Stop denying yourself...

I don't know yet but will buy their albums once I hear them
Don't know if dbtom2 was talking tongue in cheek or sincerely about T4F Seeds of Love.  Either way, it IS a great recording...song writing and performances are very strong and sound quality is excellent.  Definitely worth having.
Not tongue in cheek ghosthouse. That is an all-time favorite album. (Had to give it a listen yesterday after posting here.) I forgot how the song, "Sowing The Seeds Of Love" is such a respectful and great Beatles homage.
Just checking, Tom.  STSOL is a great recording and  I agree with your assessment of the title track.  I think the Beatles homage idea extends to the cover design as well (at least to my mind).  The whole album works for me on a lot of levels - not the least of which is MELODICALLY.