One of the most dismissed artists ever... (lp)...

Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show  "Doctor Hook"

Yes! I've been a fan of this lp since I was in high school. Now that I'm more musically knowledgeable??..I still find it to be a great lp. Why? Because of the songwriting. Because of the interpretation of these songs. Because it is just fantastic!

To dismiss this lp on the sole issue that it may seem like an "act" or a "fluke", would be to deny yourself of musical prowess/songwriting genius!

It's good to hear comments like this. There is a wealth of music out there. I own a copy of "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan" By Dr. Hook. It has some fun stuff on it. Critics be damned. It's all about enjoyment. Would you like to start a Partridge Family fan club with me? Just kidding. Joe
Love that Dr. Hook album also and really recorded well.

My "ex" just loved Dr Hook (and of course I loved her), I was and am an audiophile, she was and is not, but, bless her heart, she’s the reason I currently listen to music through lovely Vandersteen 5A speakers. If she had not pushed me to spend the cash I would still have my Snell CIV’s, which I do still have, but in a closet somewhere, and little comparison. I also once she left bought an integrated with tone controls, and wonder why I never had this flexibility in the past. Many discs I turn down the high end just a tad, turn up the low end just a tad, and then smile, smile smile. So, high-end manufacturers, just put tone controls, either simple or complicated ones, and have them defeat-able, so purist approve, Well worth it, and soooooo necessary for soooooo many recordings.

Maybe not  "ever"? .....

I recently decided to clean, then listen to Jet "Get Born". (2003), wow, already?

I purchased it when it came out just because of the radio airplay. I put it away. Until yesterday...

I find it to be a gem in several ways.

(1) Reminders of Black Crowes, Rolling Stones are present
(2) The song writing is not noticed until one goes DEEP into listening to this lp.
(3) The sonics are very respectable.
 Even the last song on side two, which would normally be the least desirable song,.... "Timothy" is well worth a listen.