Where will be hi-end audio in 2050?

any thoughts on that?
I once read a book entitled "1984", I hope this is of help.
Or for a good soundtrack and visuals rent or buy "Brazil". You also get a little of "Bob" on the side in a bit part.
PS: But definitely do not rent "A ClockWork Orange" to answer this question.
we will have implants in our brains and we will only have to think of a song and it will pay in our heads.of course it will be analog and not digital.....:)
Dekay everyone knows the future will be like "Gattaca" the no too distant future...with genomic technolgy being were it is I think it may effect audio you will be able to order a child with super hearing:-)
Tireguy: I want a doctor, a laywer and an Indian chief (gaming you know). This will free up more money for my gear (just call me selfish in the future).
Aaron, it will still be chasing after the "absolute sound", in case that still exists. Cheers
any thoughts on that? No
Of greater relevance is where you will be in 2050. I suspect you will probably be visiting Beltone.com and not Audiogon.com. And of course that's only if you are lucky!
In 2050, I will only be 96 and wishing that I had purchased more Amperex 6922 signal tubes in the year 2001 (before the prices went up to over $100,000.00/tube).
Advances in a variety of the sciences will lead to great strides in audio by 2050.

Tubes will remain popular with a small group of audio enthusiasts. In spite of the availablity of superior electronics, they will claim that "tubes sound more alive." NOS Chinese and Sovtek 6922s from the early '00s will be in great demand.

Advances in micrometallurgy will lead to a better understanding of the effect crystalline structures, as well as certain subatomic particles, have on signal and power transmission. An opposition front lead by scientists pooh-poohing these findings will be formed. They will claim that since they "cannot hear the difference it doesn't exist." This will lead to much debate on the subject.

Distribution of music will be done almost exclusively online. Numerous file formats will be offered with the leaders being a Sony consortium and another industry group disinterested in paying Sony royalties, even for a better format. An upstart cottage industry based on distribution of hardcopy materials will arise. This move will be squelched by the RIAA with a series of lawsuits based on their "losing billions of dollars annually to this blatant piracy."

Panel-style speakers will be all the rage due to newly available materials. They will still have to be as big as a wall and still won't produce low bass. Bose, still in business, will still appeal to the masses. Their products will also still suck.

Any other prognostications?
my vote is for FPeel- best response (especially the Bose part!)
The only music will be Wyld Stallyns, and it will save the world. Party on dudes! Be excellent to each other!
Would somebody care to tell me what's wrong with Bose? I'm teasing, fpeel wins in my book too. You forgot to say how much they sue too.
Maybe Krell will make some good inovatitve products by then. Maybe Bose will go out of business, I guess these are long shots but everyone can dream. I hope I see all of you there at least :-)Tim The Tire Guy
Fpeel, the music will be available only on mobile, 69G technology. (Wires are an artifact of the past). Auditioning: virtual. Panel-style speakers will double as a wall, exotic models will also allow video & virtual-reality experience. Latest technology by Bose. Styling by B&O. Amplification available thru your local ASP central, relayed via wireless, power-enhanced technology.
The tube question: do I replace tubes on my g-dad's what's it called -- or purchase Siemens (after all siemens DID produce the stuff a while back; maybe a better deal).
TT has exited the global vocabulary.
Morale: hold on to your tubes, your TTs, even your SSs; maybe the rage in 2050!
There will be solid, empirical evidence that bi-wiring and power cords do make a difference. Sony will be introducing the new SACDIII and will slowly release titles starting with "Kind of Blue". Unfortunately, you won't be able to hear the perfect sound forever unless you buy their new player. My Bryston will finally die.
"Computer, play the Bruno Walter version of the Mahler Second but replace the choir with the one from the Solti/Chicago version."
It will be known as "SONYSOUND" beginning about 15 years from now.
I don't think I'll much care by that point as hopefully I'll be 90 by then and no doubt my hearing will be shot and maybe I'll be in a "home" for old audiophiles. I'll probably take more time to wheel myself to the park where I'll enjoy live summer concerts and I'll look forward to my daily sponge bath from that really cute nurse...