Where to get belts for Yamaha PX-3?

Did some intensive internal cleaning on my Yamaha PX-3 and found that the 3 small, square drive belts for the tonearm assembley have some minor cracks showing. Figured I'd just go on eBay and find them from some supplier but no luck.

Anyone here know where to get such belts for this table? It is otherwise like new so I want to maintain it properly.


Did you try Yamaha. That would be your best chance of getting OM quality.
Thanks, Theo. Yes, Yamaha says they no longer manufacture those belts and that I would have to get them aftermarket and they could not give me any directions on where to look or who might be making them.... I can't seem to find anyone who supplies them. Is it possible that there may be other square belts of the same size? If so, where would I look?
Try PRB belts at Russell Industries
Thanks, all. Much appreciated.