Where to buy tube amp in Osaka?

Hi, I'm going to Osaka, Japan from San Francisco next week.

I'd like to buy an integrated tube over there (like a Leben!) because I hear they're cheaper.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
Careful about 100v input
Thank-you, that certainly is a consideration.

I hope to find an amazing SET for cheap!
Air Tight !
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Have fun!

All the best,
Why not write to Leben and Air Tight to ask them where you can purchase their products in Osaka. According to the Air Tight Website, there are a number of dealers there (check under the Kinki region). Good luck!
Air Tight, Leben, Almarro, I will e-mail them all tomorrow : )

I saw cool looking vintage Luxman integrateds on-line too.

I'll let you know how it works out for me in a week or so!

Den Den Town is the place to go in Osaka. I saw a huge box of tubes for sale in a side alley, and lots of pricey horn speakers.

Here are some examples of price differences I saw:

Leben CS 300: Here $3500, there $1800
Luxman SQ38: Here $6000, there $3000
Denon DL103R: Here $379, there $414 (hmm).

I actually spent my money on a bass guitar though:

1978 MusicMan Stingray: Here $2500+, there $1680!!!