where have all the remotes gone to?

where do all the remotes go to? I honestly understand if you live in Buckingham palace. But,I'm sure most live in modestly sized homes and or apartments.So where do all the remotes go to..?
within 30 days of purchase of a new item - back to the store or online seller (hopefully he has a return policy!).
if old but still working - give your your offspring, your relative, friend or to your local Goodwill.
if broken - to your local electronics dump. many counties have a place that recycles electronics & white appliances & residents of that county can drop off their broken electronics for free. many places have limited hours of operation so check before you drive over.
I'm assuming that you lose remotes, right?

My couch eats mine quite readily. Or, I set it down absent-mindedly and can't for the life of me find it again.

So, I know have two for my DAC.

Doesn't somebody make a locator that you can slap on commonly misplaced items?
I have'm all in my smartphone and they never go away.
I can turn on/off my entire equipment and make it sound from the large distance as well.
They go to the same place as the other sock.
my other sock goes onto my ...(rhyme it):-)
Czarivey...seek help...professional help! Hope they aren't wool socks.
Czarivey, That will not prevent the spread of STDs.
...unless it's made of rubber :-)
Sfar, good one. was thinking the same thing...