Whats the consensus on Zu's loudspeaker cables?

Hi guys, I'm looking for my first set of quality speaker cables.

I usually go to monoprice for cables, but I recently got a set of N805's and thought they deserved better.

Now I know cable prices can easily go up to the thousands. But I'm trying to keep the price around $50-$200.

I have no idea where to start looking because there are so many brands... but I've heard good things about Zu Cables and they're very affordable.

I was thinking either the Zu Julian or Zu Wax. Anyone have experiences with these particular cables?

Any other suggestions would be welcomed as well, thanks.
Start out ( used ) with Paul Speltz Anti cables..Great low cost bargain and will probably work as well as anything out there for Modestly priced system..If for some reason you don't like them ( most do ) you can sell them for pretty much what you paid for them..Don't feel becuase they cost vey little that they won't work..Many with expensive systems will tell you they love them too..
I started with the Julians and loved the sound in my system at the time (Shanling SP80 EL34 monoblocks, Aurum Cantus L3 Sig., Monolithic Sound PA-1 pre). The sound was open and had nice tone with good extension. The build quality was excellent. As I upgraded my sources and pre amp I had the opportunity to upgrade to the Zu Litec and the detail increased and the backround was blacker. The Zu cables have excellent performance in their price range. I also started with the Birth Power cables and have upgraded to the Mother cables for my entire system with outsatnding results for each level. As always the results are system dependent.
Check out ZU Promos on Ebay.
I would step up to Wax because of the stiffness of the Julian and much better sound.
The Anticables can also be quite cumbersome to manipulate.
DH Labs makes great "performance for price" cables.Contact Jeff at Value Audio.He loves to talk audio and will be more than happy to help you. (831) 464-3864
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Cable questions. Many opinions. Never a consensus. Time for the extensive home trail & return policy rumba.
No if it is by ZU it must be far suireor to any thing else. That is to say that ZU alone is the only company who really knows what you should like. If it isn't by Zu then it is no good. If you don't like ZU you don't understand really good audio.
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I have the Libec, and like them quite a bit. I don't think they are quite as open as the Analysis Plus Oval 9's they replaced, but they are move detailed, and have excellent bass response.
Okay, I'm going to go w/ a pair of Zu Wax.
Morow Audio has a trade up program and 60 day return policy. I recommend putting them on a short list.
Zu has a 60 day return policy too :)
I upgraded from Zu Julian to Ibis and never looked back. The IBIS are incredibly detailed without being harsh. Look for them used, you can get them for far less than retail, and what can wear out on a cable? Look at them instead as pre-broken in...