Whats the best HDMI cable?

I'm connecting my satellite and computer to my stereo system by way of HDMI. Which cable has the widest bandwidth? Is Audioquest Vodka any good? I'm willing to spend up to $250.00. Any recommendations?
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AudioQuest Vodka may make your image blurry if you take more than pint.
3-23-15: Czarivey
AudioQuest Vodka may make your image blurry if you take more than pint.
LOL! :-D
really AQ: you had to call this cable "Vodka"??? couldn't find a better name?
Check out the Apollo AV Lightning v.2 HDMI cable. 5% silver content in a flat cable design. This cable made a real improvement over Pangea and some AQ cables. It compares favorably to the big expensive stuff. Price $49.95 for 1m.
I was on a HDMI Mission and tried many of the usual names out there: AudioQuest Diamond, Coffee, Carbon, Wireworld Platinum, Silver, a couple of the better RidgeStreets, A great DARWIN USB that they stopped making that I loved that was better them all but TQ Cables but it was only 1/2 meter and I needed more length. I tried a bunch of lesser ones Revive, Synergistic, Cardas but when I popped in the Tellurium Q Graphite USB cable I was instantly smitten. It was vastly superior than any I have ever heard. I was happy as can be until my dealer got in the Tellurium Q Black Diamond which I upgraded to.

I don't care what equipment you use, uber expensive or even a thousands dollar DAC if you use the USB implementation you will be blown away by the Tellurium Q Black Diamond. Even if you use an Off Ramp or other unit that minimizes the importance of a premium USB cable it minimizes it to most cables but add this Tellurium Q Black Diamond cable and it is another league. My opinion on this cable was it was like adding a full set of $3k a piece interconnects. I was so happy when I got it.

I recently changed DACs from the PS Audio DirectStream to the Bricasti M1 and had a problem with my Tellurium Q Black Diamond USB cable and it wasn't working with my Bricasti M1 DAC. It forced me to try lesser cables and it was such a let down and drop in sound quality it was incredible. Needless to say there was a problem with the cable. I already owned it about a year and a half with no problem but when I told the dealer which is also the US Distributor and they immediately send me a brand new one with no cost and a the lower Black level one to try just in case the cable was good but just didn't play with my DAC which happens in high end. The new Tellurium Q Black Diamond cable worked and I was stoked all over again. It is pricey but worth it or more it will be the last USB cable you will ever buy and it flat out is the very best of the best. I bought it at Fidelis in NH. They are awesome. They Distribute the full Tellurium Q line and the full Harbeth line in the US and I couldn't recommend then any higher....

I use and highly endorse the WireWorld Silver Starlight HDMI. I use the 5.2 and it is nothng less than outstanding!It is only bettered by the Wire World Platinum ( at a higher cost). Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Wire World Platinum 6 works for me
The Transparent Audio Hi Performance HDMI cable made a marked improvement to the picture quality. Colors pop better, clarity improved....even my wife liked it...$265. On a second TV we have a B&W sound bar...the sound and picture improved here with a 2nd Transparent HDMI...

Your milage may vary...but worked out great for me
LOL... Sorry guys my words were about a USB cable not a HDMI...