What voltage to run my gear...110V or 120V or something in between?

So recently my Accustic Arts integrated amp died.  According to the tech that fixed it, the regulator and rectifiers failed.  This got me thinking that perhaps I have the output voltage from my PS Audio P3 AC Regenerator set too high?  I've always had it set to 120V but can reduce it to as low as 104V.  I know that most devices we can plug into the wall should be able to handle 110-120V plus or minus 5-10%.  However, I wonder if by setting my P3 to 120V it may have lead to me prematurely damaging it?  

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Anything is possible, however, I think you're suffering from the "mea culpa" syndrome. I'm no engineer or scientist but I don't think you're to blame. My guess is that nearly everyone on this forum has had some sort of equipment failure, and I doubt that anyone is personally responsible for it. Things break down, things wear out, but that's not the same as negligence. I'll let others give you the scientific versions, but I think leaving your Regenerator at 120V is not the culprit. Don't lose any more sleep!
Yeah you are probably right.  I wonder if the fact that I turn on and off my audio gear on a daily basis may have played a role too?