what type of antenae is used for over air HDTV

I have heard many things from a reular vhf to an amplified dedicate HDTV unit. Thankyou
audio adviser sells the antennea your looking for i think its made by godar electronics
you can use pretty much any kind of antaennae as long as it can pick up the signal. go to antennaweb.org for suggestions. also search on avsforum.com.

aloha keith
In Orlando I pick up all HDTV (about 10) channels with a Radio Shack outdoor UHF antenna which cost me 24 bucks. One of my channels is actually VHF on digital channel 11 but it picks this up fine. Contact me by email if you need additional info. Don
I also got my antenna at radio shack for about $24 bucks. Works pefectly and gets all the channels that are over the air. They also sell a 5 or 10 foot mast for the antenna for under 15 dollars. Make sure you get RG6 coaxial cable with it.
I had a friend who tried everything to no avail. Then he tried using a straightened-out paper clip and it worked perfectly. We tried it at the store we were working at and it worked there also. I told him he should paint the clips and patent them selling them for about $20 each. Dan