Powered antenae better than passive?

I need an FM antenae. The guy at the big box store said that the powered was better than the passive. Is he right?
I have tried a bunch of antennae and for the money, the Magnum Dynalab ST-2 brings in everything I want. I am very happy with it. You will have to experiment because some areas need more selectivity and some need more sensitivity. Arthur
Not in my experience. If you are talking about indoor antennas, like a Terk for example, all you are doing is amplifying what is in the first place a poor signal. I've had better luck with a simple, unamplified, whip, or a wire (T shaped & placed under a carpet). The Godar is a passive that gets good marks as well. Best antennae is a multi element direction outdoor antenna with a rotor. Next best is the same in an attic with out a rotor but pointed in the direction where you get most of your stations. I would use amplifiers on an antennae only to draw in very distant stations, not as a bandaid for poor local reception.