What to expect?

I am trying Vinyl for the first time since high school, I am in a bad financial situation so 2 friends here from AGON put together an entry level vinyl rig wich is an Onkyo CP1027F with an Audio Technica AT 92ED Cartridge with a PS Audio 4.5 phono pre. I am so grateful I cant say enough thanks, as I wait for these to arrive I wonder how well this will mate with my AMC transport, Theta pro DACII and Monarchy Audio DIP, I just wonder if I will catch enough of the vinyl magic to get hooked or will I want better performance at first listen (Isuppose I wonder how this stacks up against my red-book gear)...any ideas of what to expect? All the same I am still pumped about new gear and music to buy, thanka all....Chad
Be excited and enjoy it! It'll be fun to find out how it does stack up against redbook. I should do the same experiment.
yo Gunbei, how do you like your blue circle pre? I would love to one day try a tube pre to get the best of both worlds
Expect to find the most rewarding part of your HiFi Life - but it takes some patience
From around 1984-1990, I happily listened to a budget system built around an Onkyo receiver, an Onkyo 1130P table and Spica TC50 speakers. Since you are listening to Innersound Eros MkII speakers, yours is not truly a budget system. I think you will be happier once you have invested more in your front end.
thanks all.....what I really want to know is what is the opinion of my cd vrs vinyl...is it say 70-30 in favor of my red book,I just would like thoughts on how far behind I am on equipment...I dont even know what I mean anymore argh!
I'm not familiar with your equipment, But I can tell you that if you don't like the vinyl "ritual", you won't like vinyl. Vinyl demands work. You gotta keep 'em clean, keep the stylus clean, put 'em back in the sleeve without touching the grooves. Your hands need to be clean. No eating a greasy snack like potato chips and turning over the record. Then too, you have to get up and change the record every 20 minutes. And if you don't like the song that is playing, you can FF to the next one. CD's are convenient. And if you're into convenience, then vinyl is not for you. However if you like the ritual and enjoy hanging out at the Goodwills and other thrift stores hunting for your next fix, you will be handsomely rewarded.
Will your present vinyl rig outdo your ceedee rig? I'm not sure. But it only took a Dual 1237 with Stanton cartridge to make me and the Theta Miles CDP take notice.
Dumb ?- Is the PS Audio a phono stage only, or does it have a volume control/source selector? I don't see a pre in your rig.
The PS AUDIO is in the mail now, I believe I am going to hook it up to a tape loop on my Rotel and use it as my volume control, I used to love records, and I know about cleaning and all that, I was a DJ back in the early mid 80's and it was all vinyl then. One thing that has me excited is the very thing Artemus made note of, I want to listen to deeper tracks and Vinyl will force me to do that, I think the convenience of CD can be a bad thing, I am really pumped about this new medium! I will add pics when it is up and running, thanks again for taking time to add to my post
$2 to $5 used lps is pretty sweet. The selection is so much better than used cds. You should have a blast.
dude, if your in as bad of financial situation as you say, you probably shouldn't worry about hi-fi too much.
Umm Readsterdude, that's exactly what makes us audiophiles. We're not that far off from being junkies.
Man the more I think about your comment the more pissed I get, so let me get this straight, since I am disabled and on a fixed income I cant enjoy audio and equipment that makes it sound as good as I can make it? REAL NICE
if you are disabled and on a fixed income, you should be more specific, you just said that you were in a bad financial situation, and you want to spend what little money you have on audio, that is what i was saying was not a good idea, but hey spend you money on whatever you want, i'm not trying to piss anybody off.