What spikes for VR-4Jr's ?

Can anyone tell me the brand of floor spikes they have used to replace the orginals on their speakers?
I think the originals are a bit flimsy.
I need to replace mine as well but can't seem to find the proper M8 x 1.25 size.
See recent A'Gon ad (not mine) for Star Points. Good Luck.
If your original spikes have bent, contact VSA and see if they will replace them. They have a new spike that is a cone and not the thin pointed spike. It is much more solid.
I e-mailed them last week & they never got back to me? A little dissapointed in that but I will buy a set regardless.
I'm using mapleshade carpet piercing cones ( 3 per/apeaker)
Yeah, they screwed up when choosing those spikes for this speaker, but you can use this as an opportunity to get quality spikes and improve the sound. I don't have an opinion, because I went to a Berkeley (music lover's audio) high end shop and they gave me replacement spikes for free just for checking the shop out. What nice people. Anyway, they are adjustable unlike the ones that come with the speaker and work well. I don't know the brand. Just straight spikes with nothing special on them.
Hey Y'all,

I have Audiopoints under both my VR-4s and my VR-2s. Call Robert at Star Sound Technologies, he will hook you up.........John
I am using Audiopoints 1.5AP for my VR-3.5's. Very nice sturdy points. Much better than stock points.

I use Soundcare "Superspikes". They make them to fit the VR-4Jr speakers.