What speaker to buy to start over.

I am selling my entire system and starting over. I am considering Martin Logan Summit speakers. Any other suggestions in that price range. I listen to mostly accoustic and female vocal but do listen to rock,jazz and classical. I am going to build around the speakers.
Room size?Listening level?Etc.
Vandersteen 5A used.
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Can you shed some light on why you are starting over? That is a scary prospect to me and I would not want to do that. I especially would not want to have to choose new speakers. But then I am very pleased with my current system. You must have some good reason for changing unless you have commitment problems.

I am not trying to be critical. What I am getting at is what about your present system dissatisfies you so much you would scrap it all and start over? If you tell us what equipment you have and what you like and do not like about it I think the responses would be more informed and therefore more helpful to you. What are you looking for but not getting from your current system?

Good luck.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist but sometimes I play one online.
Swmpwalker's question is right on. May I also ask about the room?
Klipsch Horns or La Scalas.
Hell' yeah the Vandy 5A...... If you can afford them! Probably close if not the best speaker I ever heard, atleast the most pleasing.
The room size is about 17' by 25'. I listen at moderatly high listening levels. I want to spend around 7K or less. I was happy with my system but I will never keep a system too long. I love trying different systems. Yea I guess I do need therapy.
Considering you don't keep any speaker too long,consider B&W or Vandersteen ,due to the resale value ( very popular ) as you will probably change again fairly soon..These two speakers are easy to sell down the road.........
There is an original pair of Vandy 5 speakers for $5000, but to upgrade them is like $4000, but all the same the 5 would be a great speaker and in your budget.
With that money, in that room, I think I'd look for a pair of Dunlavy SC V's.
I had a pair of Vandersteen 3a sig with 2 2Wq subs in a system. It was very nice but did not play rock well at all. I loved it for jazz and female vocals. I was using a Classe 400 and Audio Research LS22. I have not had the pleasure of hearing the model 5.
Not sure that any Vandy is really a rock speaker, but i never heard the 5 series (owned 2s and 3Asigs/2Ws). If the latter did not float your boat, then the 5s probably would not either. 17 x 25 is a good size room, $7k is a good size budget. If you are talking used, I would recommend Von Schwiekert VR 4 Srs, which seem to be available in that price range.
Looked through the current list and, in your range, I would second the Dunlavy SCV (CT) and also suggest the Genesis 2.5's (NY) or the Infinity IRS Betas (LA). Unfortunately, shipping is restrictive for these heavyweights. There is a pair of Krell Resolutions but I don't know enough about them to recommend.

If your planning on new, look at VMPS and Reimer. The latter can be driven by smaller amps.
I personally don't think of electrostatic type speakers when I think of rock and roll. I'm not sure how much the Summits are, but if they fall in or around $9k, I would give Zuaudio's (a brand spanking new pairA of) Definition 1.5s a shot. They have an unbelievable moneyback guarantee, which you cannot beat with a stick: 60 days!! 101 db sensitivity. Jazz is my thing/female vocal/male and I can do reggae and good old fashion rock like in my Woodstock days. Speakers play with phenominal resolution at the lowest volumes and will drop your pictures on the floor at ear bleed level with only 100 watts. Would you believe they can handle 500 watts! There are oodles in the archives on the Definitions.
Where's bobbyp? I'm sure he has an unbiased recommendation.
Silverline Sinfonia . No affiliation with the seller.
the need to start over will pass, and you won't blow any money.....the grass is always greener, etc
Quad. No contest. Start over with your music tastes if necessary.
Staring all over again...huh? You have pre-selected Martin Logan Summits? Didn't you have Martin Logans before? I wouldn't call that a fresh start.

I second Bob's comment...at least give some active speakers an audition. You might be surprised by what you discover....exceptional driver integration, ultra low IMD distortion and better dynamics than you will find in any electrostat.
Go with a time coherent design. Once you've lived with one, you won't settle for anything else.

1. Dunlavy
2. Thiel
3. Vandersteen
4. Quads
5. Lipinski
6. VAF
7. Duntech
8. Green Mountain
9. CAT MBX line

10. Manger Audio
I forgot to include them in the previous post.
I've owned the Intuitive Design Summit loudspeakers for over a year and my initial exuberant, giddy enthusiasm for them and their magical performance has not waned during that time.
Ocellia,it will do almost everything better than most any speaker out there.
Sort of like a Quad,but with much greater dynamics,less fuss,and wider amp compatability.http://www.ocellia.com/
There is almost nothing better,especially for the type of music you describe.
11. Ocellia :)
12. Fujitsu Ten (Eclipse)
I love how there are 26 replies to this forum with recommendations, yet you still haven't told us what you're looking for in a speaker.

* What speakers do you have currently?
* What do you like about them?
* What do you not like about them?
* What are you looking for in a speaker? Laid back? Huge macro dynamics? Micro resolution?
I had ML Ascents with a Descent sub. I loved the sound but there was a hole in the upper bass region. I suppose it was the crossover from the panels to the bass driver. I have decided to go with the Summits as I do like the ML sound. I got to go audition a set and they blend way better than the Ascents. Thanks for all the suggestions.
move em around a bit and save your money
Devore Fidelity gibbon SUPER 8s. You'll be listening till dawn.