what speaker cables would you use?

I have a Berning ZH270 amp and Merlin VSMM's. What speaker cables would you use? I thought about Cardas. It might be the right choice although the older Cardas I have heard sounds to dark. I am thinking about the new Shunyata or FMS cables but all suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks
Had you considered trying the Mapleshade/Clearview Double Helix or Omega Mikro Planar series cables.30 day money back guarantee.I believe Lloyd Walker uses them with an OTL/Merlin set-up with good results.Or Siltech?
I recently wired my system with Alex's FMS Nexus line.
Still waiting for speaker cable but have at this time Zero's.
In my opinion, FMS cables are much better then all I tried before
including VDH, Cardas,HMS and Audio Tekne.
Highly recommended.

A lot of people like Cardas but, I think they are uninvolving, slow and lackluster. Thick in the bass too as well as having a small image size.

They do present midrange information nicely and with a fair amount of detail but still are too polite for my taste.
Pure Note offers a trial (without actually charging on your credit card). I highly recommend you give a listen to the Pure Note Epsilon Reference cables and interconnects.
I have had a lot of positive feedback from customers that use the TG Audio HSR speaker wire with the Berning and Merlins....I am TG Audio BTW....
One of Berning's retailers, Frank Stuppel of FS Audioweb, has a Berning and Merlins in his personal system. Frank (owner) had the following to say about Maple Audio cables

"I have auditioned many fine interconnects and speaker cables in my personal listening system. I have not heard any cable that sounds better than the Maple Audio Works cables. The clarity, dynamics, and smoothness is everything that I would expect from a world class cable. At the price "an audio bargain".

Caveat is Frank now sells Maple Audio cables. If you would like more info on these cables feel free to e-mail me - I have Maple Audio cables and love them!
Alphacore Goertz have a high performance-to-price
ratio. I previously used Kimber 8TC and I find the
Goertz MI2 superior.
I would also recommend that you examine the Empirical Audio web page (empiricalaudio.com) to see if that cable might work for you, as it did for me
XLO Unlimited, the XLO is really special in my system, Atma-Sphere OTLs/Köchel horns.

I have not heard the Jaden from Ric Cummins, www.roomlens.com, but those that have say it's good.

Another option to research is the ZERO autoformer, www.zeroimpedance.com. This might very well be the best choice as it can provide the optimum impedance match for your speaker/amplifier, resulting in superb performance, and I MEAN superb.
I absolutely LOVE my Wireworld Polaris III's bi-wired. They really added width and depth to my system.
Bobby has been using JPS Labs cables recently. I ahve heard them and liek the sound but prefer Cardas for their musicality.
I own the Merlin VSM's with the Berning 270 and have tried several speaker cables. The best I have found to date - Cardas Golden Cross. These give the music more weight and body. I am very pleased with the Golden Cross.
Try LAT International. (www.latinternational.com) I received
their IC-200-speaker cable, and already right out of the box it beat my much more expesnice HMS In Concerto. See reviews on www.audioreview.com Acording to other users, it's as good, or better, than the Cardas, but a lot cheaper.
I know that I am weighing in on this thread rather late however, I'll give it a shot. I too am using the David Berning ZH-270 amplifier and a speaker similar to the Merlin. May I suggest Jaden IC's and speaker cables that are made by Ric Cummins, www.roomlens.com

I have tried many different IC's before (Tara Labs, Coincident, Cardas, Kimber, Norodst Quattro Fil, Acoustic Zen Silver Reference, Silver Audio, Totem, Coincident, etc.), but my favorite is the Jaden because of the cable's superior tonal balance, detail, smoothness, bass control, and coherency. Since employing the Jaden's in my system, I've never desired to use another cable.
Check-out the series of speaker cable reviews by Bob Neill on:
Another Speaker cable and interconnect to check-out is Ridge Street Midnight Silveredition. A real some what unheard of (at least to me), but a KILLER!