what's better Pradigm or Nht

doing some reasearch and want some first hand advice, I am familiar with Paradigms studio 20 and like them very much,but much praise is said about the NHT's 2's and 3's,it's for an average room no amp yet looking for a used Rogue 88 and will be using a blue ray player for time being,just 2 channel use,thanks for any input,Nick
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looking at either the studio 20 or the nht 3 any input wellcomed
Two different sounding speakers. You really have to listen to both to see which you like.
Only you can answer that question to your satisfaction.
My taste runs to the PSB. To my ears and values, the NHT tends to sound analytical where the PSB is warmer. Yet the PSBs have a very transparent midrange and extended HF response without being excessively forward. They are deceptively detailed because their musical perspective is so natural sounding.

Check out any number of Stereophile PSB tests and the frequency response graph is always remarkably linear, even on their $400 compact speakers.