What's a "large" room

I'll be doing my basement this winter. I plan on starting with speakers and matching components to them. My question is this, sometimes when I look at speakers they say "good for a large room". My room will be 15x21 with an additional 7x5 area for a small bar. The ceiling will vary 7-8 foot. Where will my new "lounge" fall in?
Generally it seems to be about 20 x 25 or larger, from my take on things, it is definitely bigger than a mid-size room and much larger than a small one.
The Focal website lists room volumes for each speaker. Maybe similar information is available for other brands?
Ohm Walsh speakers are also rated by room area.
You have a medium size room.
Agreed, you have a medium size room.
I suspect they base this on volume. However, the lowish ceiling heights of 1980's and earlier basements may make things more difficult. More importantly for you is getting the room accoustics as good as possible. I suggest determining where your system will be placed and then sending your room layout/dimensions into one of the companies that specialize in room treatment and correction like Rives, Echobusters, Realtraps, etc. You may receive some good recommendations that you can incorporate into the remodel.

My unrealated recommendation is to not forget about dedicated lines, and think about the future. For example, if you have a stereo amp now, you may in the future have two monos that you want to postition next to your speakers - and they will each need their own power, that type of thing.
I am not able to find Focal's room size recommendations for their speakers. Can you point me to these?
It's in the overview, but appears to be square meters rather than volume and isn't listed for every model. I saw it for the 806v and 826v specifically. I was assume that they are talking about rooms with normal ceiling heights.

I was mistaken in that I remembered it being listed in the specs for each speaker.