What Percentage Off Would You Expect to Discount For Open Box Amp with Blemish

The amp is also a discontinued model which I believe should be further discounted.  So how much off  on a $3200 amp is the question? I called the dealer with a few questions. I asked if the amp would be on sale for Memorial Day since it’s a discontinued model. The girl said they didn’t do many sales on this brand (I know they do) Anyway,  she looked and found an open box in warehouse. She knocked 12% off MSRP. Does that sound right? Or should there be more discount due to blemish?  I think the later. I’ve always thought 10-12% off to be the norm discount on prime products.I know this isn't set in stone. But what is "normal" ? Whats your thought? Thanks for your input
If you go to resell, you'll have to eat the loss due to blemish. 
Without knowing the brand or what the blemish actually is, this entire post is a total waste of time.  Nothing has been accomplished.  
I bought a demo Marantz SA8001 back when it was popular that had a slight blemish from Natural Sound for 10% off.  That is probably what the OP will get if he is lucky. 

Thanks for answering the question in a reasonable, knowledgeable way. As usual, after reading through a load of ridiculous, nitpicking comments, cooler heads prevail.
I agree waste of time.
@stereo5  @ebm  et al

Do you guys EVER read the posts? How can I give you a picture when I don't have one? That's part of my complaint. As far as brand name needed, I don't buy it. I was born at night but not last night. Of course I understand the popular brand get more $$$. But you either know what amount you would start with any brand and then make allowance for whether its a poor seller or a great seller. And yes, some may even get MSRP. But very few and not in an economic mess like we have now. 

The one thing I do agree upon is that this has been a waste of time