What Percentage Off Would You Expect to Discount For Open Box Amp with Blemish

The amp is also a discontinued model which I believe should be further discounted.  So how much off  on a $3200 amp is the question? I called the dealer with a few questions. I asked if the amp would be on sale for Memorial Day since it’s a discontinued model. The girl said they didn’t do many sales on this brand (I know they do) Anyway,  she looked and found an open box in warehouse. She knocked 12% off MSRP. Does that sound right? Or should there be more discount due to blemish?  I think the later. I’ve always thought 10-12% off to be the norm discount on prime products.I know this isn't set in stone. But what is "normal" ? Whats your thought? Thanks for your input
Depends on the item and how many they sell. Hard to sell items I would think more of a discount. Maybe the item you're looking at isn't hard to sell? 
If it’s a usually easy selling product you would be lucky to get it much above 20% off. Depends on the blem too. 
Instead of asking what's an appropriate discount, ask yourself what you would be willing to pay and make an offer.  IME, dealers react more favorably to an offer to purchase.  
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Wow! I don't know whether to take most of these seriously. Then too, I tend to think that some offers are an insult which seems to go against the grain here too. 

FWIW the amp is a S'phile class A. I can't imagine them giving 40% off. I was thinking maybe half that. But I haven't bought new in a while. Thanks

This is a very poor question.  We do not know the blem or what the product is.  Ask a poor question and get a poor answer.
35-40% off what is the blemish?  35-40% off really what business do you won that gives that much off?  Maybe up to 25% off depending on the blemish.
too many unknowns to answer:
what's overall demand on this brand/model - easy sell?How significant is the blemish? - way too vagueWhen its discontinued - is it now obsolete or suddenly in demand?
You e my point. Careful with the generalizations above. There are products that become classics the day they are discontinued. In fact there are chips that are MD that i pay a premium for....
Note: I am presuming an impersonal store moving inventory. I prefer to deal with individuals on a friendlier basis :)  Sounds like a larger store. It's still pandemic time. If you really want it, forget about the Memorial Day. Doesn't matter. Go to the highest level person you see and say: I'll pay $1995 for that right now. They'll tell you it's impossible. Don't move one inch off your price. Talk to the manager, the manager's manager. Don't add one cent. When you are talking to the GM of the store, that's the first time you budge. If it's over $2500, say "I can't even start negotiating with you, because that's way too high." If it's under $2500, ask them "Is that the absolute 100% best you can do?" They'll probably lower it. Then and only then, offer to split the difference, and you'll get it for maybe $2100-$2200. 
@corelli @itsjustme then

I’ve always thought 10-12% off to be the norm discount on prime products.I know this isn’t set in stone. But what is "normal" ?

Here’s the question I asked. What is so vague about that? Not a poor question. Here’s the answer Then if 10-12% off were the typical norm, then it should follow automatically that a blemished product demands more discount. Its speculation but not blind or without enough info.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that most just read the header and don't read the body. And thats why it seems vague. 

Recognizing that 40% off is likely to be dealer cost, you got to be reasonable as the dealer is entitled to eat too. 
The blemish is relevant. Is it something the dealer is willing to replace. Ie- a marred faceplate where the dealer could get a new one from the factory? 
Instead of asking for a discount make an affirmative offer of a specific dollar amount. 
Some brands are discounted, others not so much.  It would help to know the brand and what exactly the blemish is.  How would it rate on the Audiogon scale of grading?  Without the proper information, everyone is giving their guesstimates.
Agree %40 minimum!

 Hope u get what ur looking for!

 Wheel and deal!

older amp, with blemish, would expect %40-%50 off with warranty.

good luck
Regarding the blemish, it honestly depends on whether I can live with it or not.
Usually I can.

So then it depends on how good of a deal.
Make an offer. Maybe they will take it. But don't take it personal if they don't. 
They don't have to discount, and they don't owe a discount on it.

@tom_hankins is right, but hey, the box is open, the amp is discontinued, and it has a BLEMISH!!!

OMG, as the youngsters say.

You should get it for free, or THEY SHOULD PAY YOU to take it off their hands, right?


Then, when it needs service, the sign at the front of the store will read:


Good luck!
I am a retailer and I deal in some used, discontinued and refurbished goods.  

Box is open should be a 10-15% discount if it is in flawless condition. With a blemish...well it depends on the blemish.  If it is on the faceplate and is highly noticeable, at least an extra 25%.  If it is on the back or the bottom, I would give 5%.  

Discontinued has a different impact.  Recently discontinued on a sought after item will drive prices up. Think Oppo after it discontinued their disc players.  Discontinued on a dog that was collecting dust...another 10-30%.  
did they send you a photo of the 'blemish'? easy to live with? then you are lucky. you have heard this, determined it is very desirable? return option?

I always am aware that anything I buy will end up with a blemish or two, primarily my doing, so I am a big fan of open box, as long as the full manufacturer's warranty applies. not a blemish I have to see every time I use it, something out of sight when in use,

or, something on the passenger side of the car!!! Next accident I will have that dealt with.

You know they regularly have sales, so that would be 10-15%, then you have open box discount, so I agree, don't ask, make them an offer, figure out -25%, offer them that in writing, i.e. email, with confirmation of warranty and return in that email. that allows them to forward the email to whomever makes the final decision without anything lost in translation.

clarify: credit card? pick your credit card with best protection. option for extended warranty? So, you get a discount, spend it on the extended warranty, sleep easy. 

They come back, 20% off, yay or nay? don't forget, any discount/sale, you save tax also, so that helps your final price/decision.

good luck
OK guys. I was planning on making them an offer. I was juts trying to determine what amount. I was in business most all my life so I I don't begrudge a man his pay.  At this point, I have doubts about the amp...or should I say the dealer. I called on Wed afternoon. Then later that day to see about getting pictures of the damage. I assume its not bad. But we all know what assume stands for.

Anyway my messages for a return call and pictures have not been successful.  I asked for Pictures &  was told it would take a few days. That was early Thursday. I have heard nothing. I thought about emailing  an offer but I'm old and prefer to do business with voice rather than email. 

As for the amp, it is new open box from auth dealer. The amp is a class A S'phile pick so I understand that the discount may not be as much as for others. But it is still open box with blemish  and a recently discontinued model. I have a # in mind so may as well do it

Anyway Thanks Guys
Why a big secrecy about the brand of amp and what kind of "scuff" mark it really is? Is this a Top Secret amp? The brand makes a big difference, you aren’t going to get the same amount off for a FM Acoustics or Goldmund compared to a Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha or similar.  That is why I ask the name of the amp.
I am guessing the OP doesn’t want to reveal information about the amp for fear someone will use the info to buy it out from under him. That is fair but only my guess. One thing I always consider when buying equipment is its resale. In this hobby, everything gets resold eventually lol. In my mind the discount depends on the blemish and if the blemish is such that it will affect its resale ability down the road. I’ve made money and lost money on buying and selling equipment over the years and you need to figure out how much you are willing to lose taking a chance on a blemish the dealer won’t show you.

That’s one reason. But another is that I don’t want to bring disrepute to the dealer ...at least, not at this point. The poor service may be due to this silly shut down. I don’t know for sure. I'd rather let this play out before calling out names.

@ ebm et al

As for the rest of the questions, all you have to do is read my last post to know that I haven’t bought it yet
Without knowing the brand or what the blemish actually is, this entire post is a total waste of time.  Nothing has been accomplished.  
I bought a demo Marantz SA8001 back when it was popular that had a slight blemish from Natural Sound for 10% off.  That is probably what the OP will get if he is lucky. 

Thanks for answering the question in a reasonable, knowledgeable way. As usual, after reading through a load of ridiculous, nitpicking comments, cooler heads prevail.
@stereo5  @ebm  et al

Do you guys EVER read the posts? How can I give you a picture when I don't have one? That's part of my complaint. As far as brand name needed, I don't buy it. I was born at night but not last night. Of course I understand the popular brand get more $$$. But you either know what amount you would start with any brand and then make allowance for whether its a poor seller or a great seller. And yes, some may even get MSRP. But very few and not in an economic mess like we have now. 

The one thing I do agree upon is that this has been a waste of time
You trolled all of us and were very deceiving. The waste of time was you and you alone. You must be looking at some super secret audio equipment.  If you took the time to actually READ, you would have seen I said 10% at most.   You asked for help and I gave you 3 good responses, you chose to ignore everyone who chimed in with their thoughts. Go get a life.

  There is no trolling. The only deception you faced was your own. I had told you why I hadn't named the dealer and that I had not got a picture of the blemish despite asking for one. That's why I asked if you guys had read my posts. I suspect not.  Why ask question which have already been answered? 

I will fill in the blanks later tonight
OK, it will be one week tomorrow since I first contacted the dealer for a Primaluna Dialogue Premium Power amp. I didn’t want to mention the brand because now you should Know the dealer. As I said earlier, I do not want to cause a business undue troubles. But I have called 2 times after the initial call to ask for pictures and to speak with the sales lady. I left a message both times and emailed the sales lady also. My 1st email was never answered. A second was where she said the pictures would take a few days. OK, That was last Thur. And there have been no call back or picture or any communication of any kind. Quite honestly I have lost interest. My system sounds great as it is. Like everyone, I just wanted more or to see if the Dialogue would offer more. So maybe its God’s way of saying I don’t need it. So there you have it.
One thing that has me scratching my head is that I had poor service at another dealer last year where I bought my 2 subs. I did get a decent price. But I had to figure out the problems myself because they didn’t know the answers & didn’t seem concerned to find them. Even the mfg couldn’t fix the hum nor get the wireless to work. It makes me wonder what is going on at these "High End" dealers? I know it was not a $10k item in either place. But I’ve been in business most of my life and bought stereo since the 70’s and never had the poor service I have gotten from both these dealers. But then too, good service is hard to find anywhere.
Buy American you will be better off i know the dealer i would not buy anything from this turkey.

I hear you. I've been back & forth on this brand for some time. That's part of the reason. The other part is that I have spoken to the "turkey" before and came away unimpressed then. Even so, I don't want to be unfair  which is why I wouldn't say the brand name.   I was ready to buy but  the last 2 experiences with "Reputable" dealers has left me somewhat cold. I get better service from private sales anymore.