What kind of cables for DVD-Audio?

I'm going to upgrade to DVD-Audio and I know you need to use 6 RCA cables, as a digital cable can't carry all the information. Could someone who uses DVD-Audio tell me what they are using and exactly how they are hooking it up?

Your processor or receiver needs to have the 5 channel analog input to start, then you just use regular analog interconnects to connect your DVD-Audio players 5 channel output to the Processor/receivers 5 analog input.Then set the menu on your processor to use the 5 analog input.

I just notice that I did include the connection for the LFE/subwoofer, so 6 analog outputs.
Thanks for the response. What kind of interconnects are you using? Anyone have a preference? Are some cables better than others for certain inputs or are some more "important" than others?
I'm using 3 pairs of AQ Emeralds on all connection.It just happens that I got them at a good price that is why I'm using the same cables on all channels.I'm guessing it would be better using you best cable on the center as most of the vocals still comes from that channel.
Tossed out the cheap Kimber PJB's for some better Transparent Audio cables and Kimber Heros and it made a difference. Use your best pair for front speakers and a the same single cable for the centre channel. I've been playing with DVD-A through a Marantz 14EX and Kef References all the way around. Interesting on some mixes (Doors LA Women), but can't hold a candle to my Sony SCD1 fueled by Aranov monoblocks.

Many of the DVD-A recordings are so so, that's half the problem. Bass management is also issue, as DVD-A wants to send a full frequency signal to all 5 speakers -- if you've got a wimpy centre and surrounds, you'll not be impressed. And the theory about the bass mangement seems to hold true in real life -- I don't think DVD-A knows how to handle the bass equation properly. I was so dissapointed I bought the Sony SCD-1, and have never looked back from SACD. That said, I find DVD-A fun a times and I will go back when some decenttly mixed stuff is available.