What is the difference btwn dolby digital and dts?

What is the difference btwn dolby digital and dts?
I'm not sure technically what the difference is....but DTS sounds alot better in my humble opinion. Its always a bonus when a movie or even better a concert DVD has a DTS version.
DTS is less compressed than DD and I believe fully discrete full range multi-channel with less de-emphasized LFE. Thats about all I can remember from my HT days.
Less compression
Yes, DTS is less compression. However, I seem to vaguely recall thinking some DD movies sounded better than their DTS counterparts, not really sure why that would be though.
As usual, a google search (dolby digital dts) can answer many of your questions, but I will save you the trouble.

Dolby Digital is a 20:1 compression versus 4:1 for DTS, so DTS soundtracks can be full range for each channel if done right, verus Dolby Digital which isn't full range on every channel. But this still depends on whether the DTS soundtrack was mixed correctly.

You really need full range speakers to take advantage of DTS however since you are feeding it full range information.
There is no difference...they're both basically hyped up "quad" 4 channel from the 70's....it's all smoke and mirrors really.

Brain Salad Surgery in quad!!!
I believe Cytocycle describes it best. DTS is designed for full range at four corners and DD is designed for rears to be small. di or bi-pole. My experience is DTS sets a better central focus of sound.
The new Perfect Vision has an article of the next generation Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD. Apparently major improvements.
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I asked a sales guy at Best Buy that same question. Want to know what he said? Are you sitting down? And I quote..... It's a hotter signal!!! Oh! That explains it I said as I walked away trying not to grin too much.

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