Coaxial or fiber optic i/c for Dolby Digital?

Which gives better sound reproduction: a coaxial cable or fiber optic connecting a DVD player (Denon 3910) to a surround processor (Sunfire Theater Grand II)? Are upgraded versions of these interconnects important? Recommendations? Thanks.
For 2ch to a good dac;big dif. For HT going into a receiver; not much dif. Receivers are just very friendly to this kind of thing.
It depends on the length of your digital cable.
For the long run optical is preferable.
On the short one (up to 2-3 meters) good coaxial is much better.
To add some recommendation, depends on your budget range, I would recommend Kimber
I am using Audiodine in my system.
Of cause there are JPS, Synergistic, Transparent.
Good luck!
My experience tell that the coax always take the trofé. I have not heard a optic beat a coax in sound reproduction ( I´m talking sane comparisons ). An optic in same pricerange as coax has really no chance. Less ´musical´ is the proper word.

I use a computer as my source, and so prefer an optical cable over non-optical so as to prevent all of the electrical noise present in the computer from being attached in any electrical manner to my DAC.
If your fiber is Toslink forget it and go coax.