what is the best position for pendragons

I'm really leaning towards Tekton Pendragons and am wondering about their best distance from the wall. My room is 20x20 and acoustically challenged. Any insights?
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I would put them where they sound the best to your taste.
It's the room not the speakers. Your new speakers will end up in about the same place as your last speakers. Where other people have placed their speakers means nothing. You have to do this on your own.
Yes, I understand the individuality of each room; moving and discovering that "best spot" is half the fun. But I was asking in general terms for the Pens what one would expect because of their size ( or any speaker for that matter). In a 20x20 room I won't be able to move them 5' from the wall and I might have to consider a different speaker even though the Pen reviews sound great.
Brian, the Pendragons are a blast and a heck of a bargain from what I've heard and read. If you think you can place them two or three feet out from the wall then I'd go for it.

Worst case scenario (as with any speakers in an unknown room) you might need to EQ the bass either acoustically or electronically. Square rooms usually inspire bass peaks but as I mentioned there are effective ways to deal with it.

I think it is a fair question. You have a square room which, if I am reading your post correctly, is even more acoustically challeneged beyond those room dimensions. Not every speaker will work in every room.

If you can pull them 3 feet from the front wall, you will probably be OK. You will still need to work on proper placement, and look into room treatments and or/room EQ to help with whatever other issues you are dealing with.
Go to Vandersteens site and down load the 5 or 7 manual They have an equation to figure out where to put speakers in a room. It helps kill standing waves. Start there and play with tilt and move them where they sound best.