Thanks- Help Tekton Pendragons

A couple of weeks ago I asked if anyone lived in the Chicagoland area that would let me hear some Tekton Pendragrons. Alan from Munster Indiana was gracious enough to do so. A quick review. Very impressive. A stone cold $2500 bargain. Highly detailed with nice bass and can play anything well with any amp. He used them in an unbelievable home theater set-up. Because of their sensitivity they are perfect for HT as well as 2-channel. Every nuance is heard in a movie situation. I may just purchase them but I'm slightly worried about their size. They may just be a little too large for my listening area.
Which brings me to a more important point. There are really some nice people in this hobby. Alan was nice enough to share his equipment, his music,and his vast knowledge of audio in his beautiful home even though I'm basically a total stranger to him. He even gave me a couple of beers! Bob S. from Plainfield Il did the same for me about a month back. Super nice guy. Mike from Audio Archon, John M from Pa,etc.- willing to help and share their thoughts. I know we're just lunatics in pursuit of the Absolute best systems we can afford, but meeting nice people along the way makes this pursuit much more enjoyable.
The SEAS-based Pendragons are significantly smaller than the standard ones. More expensive though...

Thanks for the kind word Bob, you certainly qualify as "one of the good guys" too. We do read so many horror stories in these threads, that it is refreshing every once in a while to remember that there are a LOT of very good people here. Always look on the bright side of life. :)

That said, I find it difficult to judge equipment in a room/system that I am unfamiliar with. I have met quite a few great folks along the way, but I have had good and bad listening experiences in other rooms, including dealer showrooms. Either way, I can't find myself giving credit or blame to one individual piece of that system.

I've purchased several items over the years that have sounded very different in my room than when I listened to them in another room/system, whether it was in a dealer's showroom or a friend/acquaintance house. As we've discussed before Bob, it's all about system synergy, interactions between ancillary gear and the room itself (not to mention personal tastes).

I'm assuming by "big", you mean their physical size? Maybe this can help:

Pendragon Height 54" x Width 12" x Depth 16"
Pendragon SE Height 53" x Width 10" x Depth 13"

If that is still too large, maybe a compliment of Lore or Lore-S might be in order? You can get a great idea of the comparative size between the Pendragon and the Lore-S right
here. Scroll down the review about 1/3 of the way.
According to Tekton's website the SE's are 50 x 10 x 13.
And now, as-of 02/28, you have the Enzo: 40.5″ tall x 10″ wide x 13″ deep and 52lbs.

I stand corrected on the height of the Pendragon SE: Can't remember where I found the info I posted. Eric's Blog has the dimensions Rsfphil quoted.