What is the best phono pre-amp new for 1000.00

I have a Vpi aries with a Jmw-10 tonearm and currently no cartridge. I listen to all types of music and my electronics are ARC with Dyn speakers.
I'd choose the cartridge first then the pre amp .........
Don't know what sort of cartridge you're using, but if like me you are using Dynavector (in my the Dyna 17d2 Karat), you might want to look into the Dynavector P75 phono stage. Around $600 or so. It's worked well for me. BTW, I'm presuming you're looking for a phono _stage_ and not a full function preamp.
a very good phono pre-amp is the Heed Quasar.

Best Wishes
PS audio GCPH. wonderful flexible phono stage for 1k
two PSs that might be of interest although I haven't heard them are the new Sutherland PH 3D for $1k and the new battery powered Musical Surroundings Nova for $1k and the ASR Mini Basis for $800.
If you like tubes check out the Hagerman Blue Cornet.

i try bluenote phono-1 and asr mini basis. asr mini basis very transparent, good deep bass and minimum noise.
EAR 834p. I have two, one for each system, and am completely happy with them.