What is the best Krell Cast cable?

Hello all...I need some input from all the Krell fans out there that have used Cast cables. Currently Krell offers two versions (Cast standard & MMF) and I know other cable companys offer one as well. What is the best Cast cable and why? Your input on this is greatly appreciated!
Tara will make up "The One" with cast connectors. Vastly better than MMF and std. cast cable IMO(have used both).I think that it's a perfect match for Krell whereas I think Nordost based MMF is completely wrong for Krell gear. I don't know that many folks have heard just how good the latest Krell gear is especially with the right cable.
I enjoyed my evo gear most with a great balanced cable from pre to amp but with a Transparent Cast connection from the 505 to the 202. This combination gave me the most dynamic, full musical sound possible IMHO.