What is happening with some of these ads?

Today I was browsing through the Paradigm speaker ads and I came accross one for the Monitor 11's. It sounds like a good deal but the seller seemed really greedy in my oppinion. Here is my reasoning behind this: The seller marked the price at $1000.00 and in the ad stated that he was not going to take any "bids" below $1025.00. Why would the seller state two prices? He is not giving anything in return for the higher price. And since it was a classified ad why would the seller use the term "bid"? Most of these ads that I have ever been interested in seem to go in this direction. A price is set and then when I reply to the ad the seller tells me he wants more money for the item. This kind of thing makes all of these products we love so much jump up higher in price than they should be and too me it seems like these people are trying to take advantage of our interest in the products that they are offering. I know even if I did want to purchase those Paradigm speakers I would not purchase them from that seller. This was just something that I noticed and it bothered me. Does any one else feel like this or am I just crazy?
This never happened to me! Curious though, I would also be kinda ticked.
..........sounds like an unusually "goofy" seller? Cheers. Craig
Maybe the statement that he would not accept below $1025.00 included shipping. Some buyers ask for that to be "thrown in" to conclude the deal.

The shipping would cost more than the additional $25.00, so this constitutes the maximum discount he is willing to offer, regardless of where the speakers are shipped.

It is the only reasonable explanation unless as Garfish says, a "goofy" seller.
How about the current ad for a T-9090II showing a $1K list (Bluebook shows $790). Maybe thats to account for inflation?