SACD - Is it happening yet?

I'm thinking of buying a SACD Player, but I still afraid of spending money in a new format which may not "happen". Is SACD a reality or its future still unknown? What about DVD-A? Only one of them can survive?
I don't think one must die.

With MP3 and Windows Media, must one die?
With DD and DTS, must one die?
With CD and vinyl, must one die?
With CD and SACD or DVD-A, must one die?

Why must one die???

Sony just announced 11 new SACD players. Three are DVD/SACD players (one listing for $300 and another for $400). All are multichannel.

SACD is clearly on the rise. Read the review of the NYC Electronics Show and their take on SACD.
It would be better if they had announced 11 new SACD titles. Don't they get it? We need more music!
We need more John Tesh and Miriah Carey! And, god willing, some Kenny G. But really these are just dreams born on fairy wings. (sorry, i took a vicadin)
Sony did announce 10 multichannel SACDs, but several are already released in SACD like Kind of Blue, Titanic, and the two Billy Joel SACDs.

Sony stted they would step up the release of new SACDs.

Virgin Records announced they would be releasing more SACDs.
Kublakhan- If what's in store for us with SACD/DVD-A are your mentioned or similar fare, and I tend to think you may be right, would you mind sharing the Vicadin? I'll need more sleep!
No you won't ... the music will take care of that ;-)
If you have to ask if SACD is happening yet then I guess you answered your own question. Hardware wise? Impressive. However, software wise, well it's already well documented here.