What Happened to Smart Devices, Inc.?

Their website is gone, which had great Loricraft-related features and tutorials.

Does anyone know who will be providing warranty service and/or parts for Loricraft RCMs in the U.S.A.?
Don't know, but I'd try emailing Loricraft in Britain-http://www.loricraft.com/contact.html.

Hopefully it's nothing terminal (I've enjoyed that site also, even though I don't own a Loricraft) but note that even the 'Smart Devices' link on the 'Loricraft' website takes you into WWW ether.

If you find anything, let us know
On the Garrard 301 platter upgrade thread Jonathan Weiss sayd that Oswaldsmills Audio is the new US representative for Garrard/Loricraft.
This might help...