What happened to list prices?

hi guys -

I've been away for a week or so, but in the meantime it seems the list prices have disappeared from the classifieds? Just asking prices now...? Maybe it's the computer I am using at the moment, but I doubt it... any reasons for this? List prices were a useful thing, IMHO.

They are showing up here at least in the new today section
I agree, I don't like this at all and was going to see how to contact audiogon to complain. As a buyer, you can't see what kind of a discount the seller is offering. More important as a seller, you can't entice a buyer to want to see your ad if they can't see the discount you are willing to sell at!!

And since many buyers don't know what the list price is, they will never see your ad. ATTENTION AUDIOGON--this makes your site less desirable to sell items on compared to alternative sites. You might want to take that into account!

So just return the list prices to the listings ASAP...
Good question Ed, I'd like to know too. Craig
I do not fully understand this thread as I see many of the ads do indeed have list prices. I just listed my ARC PH2 here with orig list price and it is shown. One thing I have noticed on this site and others is how inaccurate many posted list prices are. Perhaps the Audiogon staff check this first and if it is not accurate, they delete the seller's incorrect list price? Just a guess...but I think it is a good idea to keep the information as truthful as possible.
We have removed the list prices on the New Today pages, for classifieds. This is the only page that has been changed, and only the part for classifieds. Other areas, such as the Auctions on NewToday, and classifieds within a specific category, have never shown the retail price column. We thought we'd pull it from the NewToday and see how many people miss it (at least enough to email or post here).

There were several considerations for this experiment:

1. Missing/inaccurate/showboat entries for retail prices. About 25% of the classifieds are posted without a retail price entered. Some sellers enter "999999.99" for example, knowing it will attract attention but at the same time distorting the columnar layout (a desired effect for such sellers).

2. Removing that one column from the NewToday page reduces the download by about 15%. As the number of ads keeps increasing, the page is getting bigger. Servers have to wait on each user even if that user has a slow connection, thus tying up resources at the expense of performance for the faster users. (on a slow AOL day, the NewToday is a 3-5 MINUTE download)

3. The titles now have more room, allowing for less crunching, and thus better readability. After the make and model, carefully chosen words in the "short description" attract a lot more attention than the level of discount (check out any "price reduced" or "must sell" titles). This part of the title can now be displayed at the same size as the frist portion of the title.

4. We are not sure that the lack of retail price in the list of ads (of course it will remain within each ad itself), will reduce the number of "views" for the ads. On one hand, there will be users who do not know the item, but if they see a massive "discount", they might click the link. On the other hand, there will be users that will be curious about the retail price and thus click to see if there is one posted. Most users that frequent the NewToday page (the one area we are talking about here), have a pretty good idea of what they are looking at/for based upon the title.

5. If enough people care about the retail column, we can always bring it back! We'll go with it for a week and see what happens.
Retail column is a good idea
I would like to see the list price column added back to "new today" page myself. Thanks.
I believe that the "List Price" section is of great benefit and should be reinstated. It is especially helpful to newcomers, and most people know if it has been grossly distorted. Personally, when a greatly distorted "List Price" has been entered in an ad I pass over it. To me this puts the honesty of the seller in question.
Put the retail price back please.
I find most people embelish the list price.
(on a slow AOL day, the NewToday is a 3-5 MINUTE download)

Yikes, if I have to wait longer than 3 seconds with my Prodigy DSL, something is terribly wrong. If I had to wait 3-5 minutes I probably wouldn't go there.


I've had misgivings about the List Price posting. If you're looking at a piece like the Sony 777 SACD Player (the 2 channel version) what is list? The price here in Phoenix started out at $3000.00 or $3500.00 (I don't remember). Then Sony dropped the retail price & they were available here for $2200.00 at Ultimate Electronics. The list price is arguably different, depending on when the original owner purchased it......
I've seen the Pass Labs X series preamp advertised here this week (the one with the plain - non matching power supply) with a list price of $5500.00. They NEVER went for that much. The version with the matching (machined aluminum power supply) used to be $5500.00 - now it lists for $5900.00 The version with the plain power supply was selling recently at dealers for $3200.00. How do I know? I went to my Pass dealer yesterday & asked him. I believe this is what any Audiogon user should do. Get information from the "horses mouth" - your closest dealer! My Pass dealer will answer any reasonable questions by phone or e:mail. He also won't sell to someone in an area assigned to another dealer. He likes this policy, that's why he sells Pass. If anyone calls or e:mails Pass from his area, Pass directs them to him.
As far as new or novice Audiogon members are concerned, research before you buy. If an item looks too good to be true - going for 1/2 price, current model, 2 months old -it was probably bought on the "Gray Market" and has no warranty. What good is a blank warranty card with no receipt? Some brands will cover an item like this, some will tell you no original receipt - no warranty.
PLEASE put the retail price back!!
Retain the retail price. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.
Yes, please reinstate the list prices! As said above, the benefits far outway the disadvantages.
I am for retaining the list price too.
Retail price should be mandatory on Audiogon in order to post an item.
Audiogon - it's pretty clear we all want these reinstated on the New Today page. For a lot of us (regulars) I think that is the page we visit most often. I rarely dig deeper into the site, since if I keep up with the new today page, I see every thing as it is posted.I am sure I am not the only one that does this.