What good cd players are there for under $1000

I'm wondering what there are for good cd players under $1000. Thanks
Teac PD-H600.
For $999.00 you get one hell of a CDP.
Your question is way too open ended. There are dozens of good players under a grand. Tell us what sound qualities you're looking for.
I play mostly instrumental music and gospel music if that helps any
Rotel RCD-1072
Rega Apollo
Sony 5400es if you can find one used.
Yes the Rotel RCD-1072 is terrific with great reviews over the years it's been available from Rotel. I've had mine for about 4 years now. It's no longer manufactured and the replacement is the new Rotel RCD-1520. Paid $699.00 for it originally. Many preowned units are sold on this site at abour $400.00 give or take. I keep thinking of upgrading mine but it's difficult to justify this. I presume that I'll have to spend a about $1K to hear significant improvement.
If you can find a Raysonic 128 or JAS Musik they are very
tough to beat in my opinion.

Much better detail and tube magic and sound better
than so many players that I have had that cost alot more.

Will kill most of the big name players in this range.