What ecc82 for preamp

Looking for input of choice between 1963 hytron or 1951 ge Kentucky plant tubes for my preamp. I have a consonance T1 that uses four ecc82's. I currently am using jj gold pin that are starting to get noisy. I am looking for more clarity with out losing musicality any help would be great.
Telefunken Smooth plates, Brimar Square Getter long plates, NOS Tesla ECC802S ( not JJ ), Tung Sol Black coated glass.

Personally, I love Mullards made between 1950-60's, but you may find them to warm?, however thats not the case for my taste.

There are many variations of ECC82 you can choose from: 12AU7, ECC82, ECC802S, CV4003, 5814A, 7316 and M8136

Check up here, very informative website

Good luck
This is a problematic tube because of high distortion.
I have had better results with 7316,5814A,E80CC-if the additional heater current needs can be safely met,and Telefunken ECC802S.
Here is another site with an opinion about how they sound.
This is a clickable link
The ONLY problem with Telefunken ECC802S is they go for $850+ for a MP and almost impossible to find a MQ.
Thanks for the leads and input I think that I can find some nice tubes based on your help certainly better than new production tubes. Way to go my audio bro.