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Opinions on speakers for Mcintosh MC-30?
I have connected my MC30s to a pair of QUAD ESL57 with great results,and also to heavily modded JBL L200s. 
I'd probably lose this bet....
I once suggested a bet that I would identify 20 out of 20 different interconnects,if listened to them in my system,and allowed to take notes-as I do not trust my short term memory any more-for how long has that been the case?There was one characte... 
What ecc82 for preamp
This is a problematic tube because of high distortion.I have had better results with 7316,5814A,E80CC-if the additional heater current needs can be safely met,and Telefunken ECC802S. 
Removing tube from EE Minimax Dac
I use 2 pinkies.Works best. 
Any of my existing amps work on Quad ESL-57's
Look for McIntosh MC30s.Magical with RCA 1614s and 8 ohm output tap for 15 watts.I have heard dozens or more amps with 57s. 
High End Audio and Your hearing as you get older
J.K. Pushing 100.Let's ask him.I can guess his answer. 
Two pairs of spkrs in tandem
I sold my Moscode 600 when I saw that I was unable to contend with its high level of hum,which got much worse when reconnecting after it was not used for a year. 
Amp for Martin logan CLS Originals
Mac 2205 will NOT drive the CLSs. 
Good Amp for Martin Logan Monolith II
Try a Behringer EP1500.I use one with CLSs with amazing success.Don't use a preamp-connect the source directly and use the pots on the EP1500,which are os surprisingly good quality. 
Where to find Black Gate 1000uf 25V caps?
Appreciated.Have written to the 2 possible sources. 
Where to find Black Gate 1000uf 25V caps?
Thanks for the replies so far.Hifitime,the folks that you suggested are the folks who told me that their supply is finished. 
Crushed 3009 type 2 improved
Unambiguosly-Alfred Kayser in Canada.and while you are at it ,ask for the Cardas rewire.Alfred did a rewire for my 3009 II non improved and it makes a great difference for the better.Good Luck,RaananP.S. I have had more 124/ 3009/3012 combos than ... 
Will a PS 300 provide enough juice?
I have a PS300.If you draw more than 200 watts,it would overheat-especially with an amplifier.The PS 300 should be used only with sources,even preamps are slowed down by it.I would try using the Primaluna with a top notch isolation transformer rat... 
Pressing quality from nation to nation
As a rule,avoid pressings from the former USSR,Eastern Europe,South America,Israel,Lebanon,etc. 
Ortofon's SPU cartridges outdated?
I can't imagine anything that would be more appropriate for listening to mono LPs than an Ortofon mono.I have never heard the stereo SPUs.