What do you mean you “heard” the turntable

I don’t get it. Maybe I just don’t have the biological tool set, but I read all the time how someone heard this turntable or that turntable and they comment on how much better or worse it sounded than some other TT, presumably their own or one they are very familiar with. 

Thing is, they are most likely hearing this set up on a completely different system in a completely different environment. So how can they claim it was the TT that made the difference?  The way “synergy“ is espoused around here how can anybody be confident at all considering how interdependent system interactions are. 

Can someone illuminate me?
 People keep running to “of course you can hear a turntable.” That’s not the question, the question is how can someone go to some other system and talk about how that specific turntable sounds better or worse than a completely different TT in a completely different system and make overreaching statements about how and why it is better sounding. 
You already know the answer.  It is impossible.  Just changing the rack and or feet makes a difference.  All the rest of the variables just complicates the matter further.

Enjoy the ride
+1 Millercarbon, will said and on point. +1 Has2be ditto. Lew, if Larry isn’t open minded to new points of view that are experianced based, and on facts, he’s not going to maximize enjoyment of this hobby and the great knowledge this community has to offer. Unfortunate really.

According to Popper there is no theory independent observation.

So ''I have seen with my own eye'' or ''I have heard with my own

ears'' is no argument at all. What we hear or see our brain need

to interpret in the context of some premisses.

Take ''our'' scientist Lew as example.  He own 5 TT's but neither

of them is belt driven. Does he have some prejudice against belt

driven TT? The most of his TT's are DD kind. So presumably he

has some premises about drive systems in the sense of , say,

quality. Can he hear any difference between his TT's by listening

to them ''naked'' next to each other? Well this may be the case

with his Lenco because  its driving system may produce some

''rumble'' which is difficult to supress. That is why he made 100kg.

plinth for the precious (grin). But hearing whatever from his DD

 TT's is not probable. This would imply that something is wrong

with the one with, say, sound on its own.

So this thread is at least not clear formulated. One can only

''hear'' an TT in combo with an record , tonearm and cart. The

last mentioned 3 are those which (re)produce sound.

At what point do turntable noise and speed issues become inaudible to human hearing? Some of the latest Technics specs are staggering.

What more is left for the turntable to do? 

"For wow and flutter most turntables were (and still are) around .1 to .3%. The SP-10 and SL-1200 were less than .025%."

"Remember the wow and flutter rating of less than .025%? Well now it’s less than .015%, which is considered the measurement limit. Read that again. Rumble is now down to -92 dB"