What do guys think of the Hyperion HPS-938?

Did anyone get a chance to hear these amazing speakers at the NY Hifi show in April? I was so smitten by the sound eminating from these elegant speakers I bought them right then and there! I thought these were the best sound of the show. I'm a planar guy owning Maggies and Apogees in the past. I also love the sound of stats but could never live their lack of macrodynamics and punch. The transparency of the Hyps are as equal and to some respects better than the planars I have owned. I never thought this was possible from dynamic speakers, no matter the cost. And they were dynamic as hell and most of all MUSICAL. I just melted in the sound. I came back to the same room 5 times during day to make sure I believed what I was hearing. Can't wait to try it out in my system!
Myself and two other 'Goners (Trelja and Mechans) heard these speakers in NY and were VERY impressed.

We returned 3 times to make sure our ears were not playing tricks on us. At 4000 MSRP, these represent an incredible bargain. We are thinking about investing in them ourselves. I have not yet made the jump as I'm not sure I want to replace my beloved Magnepan 3.6R.

I do think that these loudspeakers do a lot of things right and their fit and finish is spectacular.
Hi Slipknot1,

Returned only 3 times? :) I returned 5 times becuase I just couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Glad to know I'm not the only one mesmerized by the Hyps. I use to have the Maggie 3's and really enjoyed them. But I have to confess that the Hyps are really in a different league. The Hyps are coherent from top to bottom, whereas the Maggies, even in the latest version, does have slight discontinuity between the ultrafast ribbon and planar midrange. The Hyps, to me, sound more transparent. They are at the level of a properly set up Apogee or stat speakers. None of the planar speakers I know can beat the Hyps incredible dynamics, not at the level of horns mind you, but close enough for me. My impressions are all based on the Hyps as they were set up at the NY Hifi show for god's sake! I think I can make them sound even better when I get them in my room.
Hey Y'all,

I also listened to the Hyperion speakers at the NY show and they were one of only two speakers I heard that I was still talking about at the end of the day. They did many things right and I did not hear any shortcommings in the limited audition I gave them. If I was not already set for speakers, I would definitly have these and the Von Schweikirt VR-4jr, the other speaker that I found to be very impressive at the show, on my very short list. I would love to have these two sets of speakers side by side for a long A/B test.........John
Yes, I was also there with Slipknot1 and Mechans. The Hyperion room was the first we visited, and it spoiled us for the rest of the day. These speakers were THE biggest surprise of the day, and outclassed a lot of more (MUCH more) expensive competition.

Like Joe said, we returned three times. We just could not belive the sound coming from them. We came thisssssss close to going home with three pairs. The speaker was lively, engaging, with very good bass. In the past week, I have been thinking they may have even sounded a whole lot better with electronics other than their own. It's really had me wondering.

Among the best of show, and I liked them better than the Von Schweikert VR4Jr.
Hi everyone.

So it looks like alot more people enjoyed these speakers besides myself :) My Hyps are scheduled to come in late next week. The waiting is just pure agony :( I haven't been this excited about an audio gear in the last 15 years. I agree with all of you and then some. The VS VR4jr is a direct competitor, but it is hard to imagine it can come close to the Hyps because I have not heard any dynamic speaker in the 15 years that does what the Hyps can do. On top of all this, it's the best freakin audio deal in the high end right now. I'm in love with these speakers - who needs a girlfriend when you can get this much enjoyment without the bitching and the money saved...j/k :) My girlfried is great. Will post a full review in a couple of weeks.
I'll be the last of the three mentioned by Slipknot. We found nothing as dynamic and captivating. We all had plenty of speakers already, otherwise I was ready to buy them. They will remain in my mind as the highlight of the show. I must add that as the only Von Schweikert owner of the group, that I too think these beat them, although I found the VR4jrs to be an very good speaker. They are a potential giant killer. We'll see if they spread Eastward. I'm waiting for more audio forum chatter about these and was genuinely surprised they weren't mentioned as a "new product to be reckoned with" by the reviews of the show in Stereophile. I'm also curious how they sound with your own electronics so please post a follow up- Thanks