What did your system look like 30 years ago?

As best as I can recall, this is what I had

Magnepan MG1.4 speakers; Rega Planar 3 turntable with a Linn K9 cartridge; CAL Icon CD player;  Adcom GTP500 II tuner/preamp; Adcom GFA545 amp

I still have my Zerostat which I bought in the 80's-
VPI HW-19 Mklll, don't recall the low price MC cartridge
ARC SP 9 Mk. lll
ARC Classic 60
Thiel CS-3.5

Same system today, though I upgraded Audioquest and FMS wire to MIT 330 interconnects and MH 750 speaker wire. 
Also added a Grado Sonata MI cartridge
Why mess with a great synergy? 
Thanks to Steve Bauman wherever you are!
@millercarbon -- "Mathlexic? Or is it more of a logic thing?"

Was this confusing for you?  Something you didn't understand or agree with?
MCS receiver that weighed a ton, powering maggies up front
jvc amp used for EV rear speakers
yamaha ASP subs X 2
Technics DD LT table with shure m97HE cart
sony CD
KLH impulse noise reducer and hiss reducer
Optonica RP3636 turntable with Signet 5 cartridge
NAD 3020 
Polk Monitor7b
Discwasher brush and Zerostat

I still have the 45lb Optonica in its original box.  The pseudo granite plinth has survived a lot of moves.  Polks were in storage also until last month when they were gifted to a budding music lover.  Bought the entire system new in ‘78