What contact cleaner do you recommend?

Have read very positive claims regarding Extreme SST by Walker Audio. My main concern is possible damage to your components? Is this a valid concern? Are there better more effective(safe) contact cleaners/paste available. All comments are much appreciated.
I began by using Caig products (pro gold and deoxit) After reading about how these products degrade over time I stopped. I then read up on a product call Kontak and have been using it since. I stopped using the silver pastes because of their degrading over time as well.
be careful what chemicals you use, as some may affect the frequency response, after you have removed the oxides and other contaminants.
Kontak. Clean and dry has been working for me.
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Not to say that you will not convince yourself that you hear a difference. Just plug in and out several times every six months if you must. If your connectors fit snug and are of good quality you will have no issues. Is your system in a room with high humidity,(over 55%)?
I had excellent results with Xtreme AV Quicksilver Gold silver liquid with gold content. No problems with degradation, etc. Superb for all connections including tube pins, power cord plugs, fuse end caps, etc.
They all degrade over time.
Kontak works the best for me,
As far as a cleaner, I use 99% Isopropyl alcohol. I no longer use any metal bearing pastes or liquids, as the carriers in most cases tend to dry out into a gummy mess (especially with heat). I find Caig DeOxit to be moderately useful when cleaning switches and pots (things that move or will be moved) but fairly useless on stable objects like RCA connectors as it tends to adversely affect the sound.

As a contact enhancer, I use Stabilant-22 concentrate mixed with isopropanol as the carrier, which I think is considerably better than Kontak. YMMV and all that.
I found that both Walker and Xtreme degrade significantly over a short time. They do make a very positive initial effect. Personally, I would avoid either.

I do recommend Walker Talisman and Xtreme CD cleaner. Those are great products.
I have had great results using the Caig products about every six months.
Thanx for the suggestions. The Kontak appears to be what i'm looking for. The Stabilant 22 is more lubricant then cleaner. Has anyone used Kontak on tube pins? If so were the results positive?
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Good advice Elizabeth. I too use Caig very lightly about only once year but am happy with the results. Also use it on my guitar amps, pots and connections too.
Tweek. Excellent example of a contact enhancer that does degrade over time. It turns a dark greenish black. By contrast, Cramolin Red, the one used in aircraft communications electronics, works great and does not degrade over time.
i just thought of another solvent that could be considered,namely, cramolin.
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