What class "D" Amps Excel at inner detail

I have owned the bel canto 200.2's and used them as monoblocks. I have also used the Spectron II. Both amps have a number of strengths (I especially like the Spectron for its dynamic capabilities), but neither seems to excel at inner detail(they are not bad, they are just not absolutly outstanding in this one reguard). The best amps I have had in terms of inner detail are the Parasound JC-1's. I am wondering if any of the "ICE" based or class "D" amp excel at inner detail (btw...I am not exactly sure how to expain inner detial other then to say each step from Esoteric DV-50 to GNSC Moded Wadia to Meitner has improved the inner detail of my system. I really did not know what people meant by inner detial until I got my Wadia...and then suddenly I understood...Obviosuly I am talking about digital players, and not amps here..but I wanted to give an example). So, again, what "ICE" based amps or class "D" amps excel at inner detail (equal to or beyond perhaps the JC-1's as this is my reference point)? As a side note I have heard the tact audio amps do this well. Thanks
The Clari T amp has this quality among others. Too bad it's not enough power for what you need.

Good luck with the hunt
The H2O monoblock amps from Henry Ho in Virginia may be worth checking into. I spoke to the designer and he claims they sound better than the JC-1's. Mr. Ho was formerly a designer of very good class-A solid-state amps. I know the power supply in his H2O amp is analogue. He says it makes for higher sound quality.

I'm presently evaluating the PS Audio GCC-250 amp that uses PS's new Gain Cell technology for the input stage and an SDAT Class-D amp for the output stage. I hooked it up yesterday and my initial impressions are very favorable. Dynamics are quite good and it has the ability to keep all the instruments clear within its large soundstage under high-drive conditions with complex recordings.
Henry knows his H2O has gone up against the JC-1. One thing to remember, the JC-1 hangs on to a class A rating only to the 25th watt. My former Pass X600 was good for the first 150 watts.

The H2O puts out 45 amp. of current. That is considerably more than most other amps. I have heard digital power supply ICE based amps, and they are not to my liking. To my hearing, Henry's amps have more solidity, and deep depth.

I'm running his $5500 Signature monos on 1 ohm Scintillas. Everyday I get a WOW factor. That's because of the exquisite music recorded. I get to hear it in all it's glory.

I use to yawn at classical quartet recordings. Not because I don't like them. I have been to scores of live classical events. Now, thanks to H2O, I can hear all the subtle bow turns that breath life into every note. I am buying every well recorded quartet disc I can find.
"As a side note I have heard the tact audio amps do this well."

Drhst20 - I've heard the Bel Canto and Spectron, and you are correct about the TacT's superior inner detail. You should check out the new Boz amp or TDA2200 and consider biamping your speakers with their digital crossover function.
The H2O has inner detail up the Ying Yang. That was meant to be a compliment!
H2o Signature Mono's very precise and accurate regarding inner detail. If you are seriously considering a new amp, give Henry a call and talk to him about his "loaner" stereo amp... it will at least give you an idea of what the "entry level" $2500 unit will do in your system, your room, with your ears. Best audition one can ask for...
The H2O has me know longer looking for an amplifer. Along with my Scintillas it is a permanent part of my system. What don't you have with the H2O? Top performance amplifier that is hand made by the designer Henry HO, a true talent. Most who have heard it in there system now own it.