Very beginner question re: interconnects

I just ordered a VPI scoutmaster with JMW 9 signature tonearm. It is my first nice turntable. It is wired, I believe, to use RCA interconnects to connect to the phono amp. Can any RCA interconnects work, or is it necessary to use phono cables? If regular connects will work, can any ground cable be added?

Last thing, can anyone give me suggestions as to a few good i/c's? I use audioquest columbia's in the rest of my system.

Thanks very much!
Any RCA cable will "work". Ground is basic.
If you pay more that $100 for a meter of IC you are paying too much. Do yourself a favor, and buy what length you need from Speltz Anti-Cable IC. The cheapest of the three offered is just as good as the next one there.

Then, when someone brings over the greatest IC to your house, you have something that is spectacular to compare it with. I promise you, you won't be changing it out.
I would suggest you give the Oritek Cables a try--Mail order and cheap direct from Ori.
Their Interconnects were the only ones to equal in fact nearly better my Nordost Valhallas.

Good Luck,
Listen to the 3 ahead of me, you do not need to spend $$$$ for good interconnects on this analog set up.
You may want to consider if you want a Silver or a Copper wire. This will change the sound. I may stand corrected on this one but I stay with Copper on my Analog. Some may disagree and thats ok.
I would check with Frank at Signal Cable as another source.
Having had 2 VPI tables I never found the external ground was needed.
Are you using a MC or MM cartridge? It will make a difference in selecting a cable based on the cable's capacitance.
Thanks for all the information. I am using an MC cartridge (also just purchased, Lyra Dorian).
A word of advice: Don't order a long interconnect for your tonearm to preamp connection. Cartridges, especially moving coil cartidges, generate a very small electrical field, (in your case 0.60 mv), and an interconnect longer than 1.5 meters is detrimental to the sound. The typical length is about 1.25 meters, or about 4 feet.

Good Luck in your search.
I would echo the Paul Speltz Anti-IC recommendation. I just replaced much more expensive ICs between my preamp and cdp and was truly impressed.