What causes the music to hum and distort when playing a vinyl record

I have a pro ject new turntable in a stand in the corner of my room connected to my Yamaha 2080 also connected to my anthem mc20. Cables are new tributaries and ground wire connected. Sounds good but when I turn it up halfway a humm starts loud and starts to break up the sound and I have to run to turn it down. Is there any direction I should look at first as to what is causing this. Thanks 
Counter intuitive perhaps, but try disconnecting the ground wire. Next make sure your 'wires' are not routed near any power supplies or transformers. 
There's lots of different sources of hum but the clue here is it starts when the volume is turned up and gets worse until turned down again. This one thing is all we need to know it is a feedback problem. Playing music excites everything in the room, including the turntable, which being what it is amplifies the feedback and just like a microphone feedback it gets louder and louder.

Had this same problem myself one time so I know.

Eliminating this problem is as simple as breaking the feedback cycle. This could be anything from as easy as putting the turntable on something massive like a sand bed, to putting it on springs (Nobsound are cheap and effective) to leaving the turntable alone and putting the speakers on springs. 

Or if you are smart, putting everything on springs. Or if you are really smart and want to not only eliminate your problem but give your whole system a mega upgrade, then put the turntable on Townshend Pods.

Seriously, springs are the answer. Do a search for Nobsound, for how little they cost ($30!) they are insanely good. Find the thread where everyone gushes about how great they work. Or if you can afford it and want the very best, Townshend Pods will show you just how far you can go with something as seemingly simple as a spring.
Awesome thank you everyone for the remedy I will start to research the products mentioned and report back. 

Most common. Usually a ground loop causes hum. A ground difference of potential between two audio sources. Bad ground connection.  If both on the same good  ground that can be one solution.  Interference from  magnetic field at 60Hz.  Bad power supply filter capacitors, and many more. With a turntable I have seen rumble from loud audio feedback though the vibrations going through the vinyl record into the needle then amplified as looping hum.