Best vinyl version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

I have two copies of this Simon & Garfunkel album - one poorly cared-for copy from the 70's, and a brand new German pressing by Columbia/Legacy Euro. Neither of them sound particularly great. In particular, both suffer from audible distortion on the climactic passages at the end of the title track.
Can anyone recommend a particular pressing that sounds good? How about the Classic Records reissue?
The Classic 45 RPM version is SUPERB, but sadly, long out of print. If you can find it, buy it.
An interesting question. I've got several vinyl versions and, no matter what TT I use (I've had too many), I cannot make this LP sound good. I've given up. Just dig the music.
The original Columbia pressing itself is somewhat inconsistent. There are some relatively good sounding cuts such as "Cecilia", "El Condor Pasa", and "The Only Living Boy in NYC". Conversely, there are some dogs such as "The Boxer", "Bridge", and "Keep the Customer Satisfied" which are lean and compressed.

I doubt any of the reissues are better.

FWIW, the original pressing of their best album, "Bookends", is spectacular. Makes you wonder what Paul Simon and Ray Halee were smoking during "Bridge".
the latest cd's from sony are superior to both the classic records's hoping someone will do new vinyl, and hopefully do bookends too......the japanese mini lp cd's are cool too.
I have the R2R, Seven Speed, and it beats all the vinyl. No reissue can better that sound.
I've never heard an issue, CD or LP, of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" that sounded particularly good. Always baffled me, since "Bookends" and "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, & Thyme" (earlier records) sounded so great. I noticed the same thing with The Who. "Tommy" is a better recording than anything that came after. "Face Dances" is actually on par with "Tommy" (although the music is not on par, but comparisons to "Tommy" aren't fair, even for The Who!).
>>Tommy" is a better recording than anything that came after.<<

Not quite true.

"Quadrophenia" has much better dynamics than "Tommy" and is easily their best sounding record.

This is based on the original USA 1969 "Tommy" and 1973 "Quadrophenia" releases. Can't speak to foreign releases or reissues.
Have the Classic version. Overall a good if not great pressing that has detail and balance. Recommended, which is more than I can say for several other Classic recordings I own: Peter Gabriel 2 a total disaster in the lead in on side 1. Sounds like the stylus is running through 3/4 inch gravel.
Stevecham -
Do you hear any distortion on the last note of the title track (#1)?
I'll check it out and pay careful attention...stay tuned...
Those are strings at the very end and, though they don't distort, or at least I don't hear any at this point, I think that Garfunkel's voice just before those ending stings on the word "mind" does distort just a tiny amount, as though the limiting amp on his vocal was pushed up against the wall. Also, there's a hint of shrillness, and on both my Helikon and Argo i do I hear it, at this point in the recording.

Back then it was popular to push tape into the red but it could also be the caused by the cutting of the lacquer or the pressing itself. The vocals were recorded "hot" as most pop recordings were in those days. In any case I can live with this relative to all the other vinyl anomalies; it's a labor of love.
Thanks for the detailed feedback. Sounds like your copy is significantly better than mine.