What are these "SUPERBIT" DVD's?

Was looking at ebay ads for a copy of Larence Of Arabia and noticed a review that came up when I Googled DVD and noticed that high praise was given to a particular LCD HDTV which mentioned looks spectacular when using a Superbit DVD like Larence Of Arabia or The Fifth Element".Was looking for a copy of a suposedly OOP Criterion Collection copy of "Larence".Am wondering which would look better given the HQ reputaion Criterion has versus the Superbit version ?Latter is, it seems, less expensive at it's original list and still in print.Anybody know about the Superbit format?
Superbit was a set of titles from a particular company that increased the 'bit rate' of the movies to the maximum rather than nominal. It used up more space, and titles like Lawrence of Arabia needed TWO discs for the main feature.
(I do own it)
The Superbit titles ARE better.
They can be had for $9.99 at Best Buy.
The bit rate in DVD movies is variable, to accomodate different needs of extra features and multiple soundtrack formats.
The Superbit movies have only the one soundtrack, (usually), and no extra features. All the space is used for the picture.
I own all the superbit titles, and wish they had not dropped the idea.
Another form of this is calling the disc "remastered in high definition" but that may be only a hype slogan???
I have "Blackhawk Down" on Superbit and it's pretty amazing.

I do plan on picking up more as I come across them (and the movies are good).
When Microsoft bought out the rights to the HDCD technology the hidden agenda was to apply this resolution enhancement, not to audio CDs (where SACD and DVDA are a better approach) but rather to video discs. Nothing has happened yet.
any dvd which is dual layer, with a mininum of features, by default has a better picture. superbit simply used all the space for optimum picture and sound....oh yeah, its already doa.

While I bought many for the $9.99 @ BB you quote, I beleive they have gotten out of the Superbit business, thus why they where so cheap ~ 1 year ago, If you or anyone can get them still for that price, buy them all, they are a true step up in DVD performance, I bought all I could find when they were on sale, hell I even accidently bought two of some...

Sound good .Guess the ones I can find of them I will get as opposed to either regular DVD's or expensive Criterion Collection.Since I collect jazz wax I guess I understand why some folks will pay big bucks for first run of the Criterion films but to pay $400 for Passolini's "Salo" (a truly sick euro trash film by bank scion effant terribe Pierre Posaaolini subtitled "120 days of Sodom) well to pay that much for a white ring first well that's bit nutty.For me the Korean knock off would do.But "lawrence Of Arabia" or other discs which have multiple printings the Superbit sounds way to.Until the HD/Blue Ray BS getr's worked out.Butlike Sony backing off from full support of SACD as soon as one becomes the VHS of the day you know another format will be on the horizon.Ahh the days from 1949 and 10" Lp's to the 80's when your had build a BETTER mousetrap not a new one (with 1964's itroiduction of ME and the Phillips Cassette).Do we need 5.1,7.1 how about 23.2????Sometimes it's makes me want to puke the way manufaturers now have us dancing like monkeys every 5 years for a new format.Maybe that was the Pavolovian type conditioning of the PC.That at least follows they ones guy's prediction (which has actually held for 15 years) that speeds would double every 18 months and no faster.But it's just made us complacent when you ask me which nobody so far has.
Hippy New Year
P..S.Just check out that Criterion Colletion as I foten doi on Ebay.Some of the films are just gems from Seven Samurai to John Woo films.they just released a John Cassevettes box set I'd love.Have to figure if it makes sense or you can get ll of them (in print or out) individually cheaper.Should have asked Hebrew Santa to leave that under my Hannukah bush.That or the $500 plus Janus 50th aniverssary box.
As far as Salo goes, I have heard it is the ONE movie that critics wish they had never seen! Not because it was awful, but because it was far too brutal. The memory of it alone can make one sick.
>As far as Salo goes<

Salo, huh? Did I miss something?

using more space for picture and sound does not have as much effect on a dvd's quality as the 'film to tape' transfer. thats where the magic happens....especially when ithe transfer is done from the original camera negative. superbit means nothing because there is no standard other than using all the space available for picture and sound. If the transfer is crap, the result is supercrap.
Once you've seen Salo you'll never forget it. I did watch it from start to finish. Didn't the director kill himself?